General OpenWrt support for Xiaomi AX3600 (Part 2)

Just in case, do you have packet steering and Software flow offloading enable? Default is disable.
After changing packet steering, reboot is needed to take effect.

Not related to the issue you describe with macbook, but enable will reduce cpu load and allow higher bandwith.

My router blinks 7s red 1s off after power on or reset.

I read openwrt guide for failsafe/reset/recovery and did a factory reset by pressing 10s reset button.
This lead to bootp requests on lan1.

I currently read
Which image would be the one to offer? How about xiaomi_ax3600-initramfs-factory.ubi?

If you connect the UART, does it potentially tell you the log of where it's stuck?
I think Robi has asked for that.

@robimarko I think you agree but (I/we) don't know what's up, but for sure something is up... Too many people following closely and with sufficient experience have bootlooped going to master.

I have not opened the device yet and would like to avoid it. But if it really helps the project, I will try. Is there a guide on opening it somewhere? I'd like to be able to properly close it again when done :slight_smile:

P.S.: it is my understanding that a 10s reset erased config to factory defaults. Can the device still be of help now?

Here's what I found:
If it's still boot looping, I would think the info would be good regardless of config.

It's hard to open, there are some plastic tabs inside and some will break.
You can close it again with the screws, but some tabs will be missing inside.

I also boot looped (with robi repo build r0-*, 2023-01-08-1438) and already posted the log here:

Then I have read this issue was fixed, don't know in what Robi build, so maybe @joba-1 had the problematic old Robi build.

It was fixed here (2023-01-12):
Don't know that old build version, only the post date.

Can you tell what is the build date of r0-71addb3 you had before upgrade?

[ 0.000000] Linux version 5.15.86 (ubuntu@buildbot) (aarch64-openwrt-linux-musl-gcc (OpenWrt GCC 11.3.0 r0-71addb3) 11.3.0, GNU ld (GNU Binutils) 2.39) #0 SMP Fri Jan 6 22:48:19 2023

on Github it is listed as Jan 7. Looks like I have the borked version.

And since you say it is fixed and I see no screws (?) I think I keep it closed.

How did you fix it? tftp? Which image of the 4 flavors?

I actually boot looped after manually setting those env variables and updating the relevant shell script...
I couldn't hook up a UART given that it was unexpected and had family "pressures."

EDIT: Here's my updates that I made prior to boot looping when trying to move to master:

EDIT2: My next self build (again Robi's branch) after setting the above worked. It was going to master afterwards that bootlooped:

Ok, I see your point now.
I bricked both ax3600 moving from that build to the next one, but didn't had any prob. since the fix in 2023-01-12.
My bootloop log was of no use, was asked for the sysupgrade log.

Ah. This means that @joba-1 log will not help here either then. :frowning:

So let me repeat, please

And what to do once this is booted? Normal sysupgrade?

The one I didn't had UART, I did tftp recovery to xiaomi factory FW.
After that you can follow the wiki to install the latest snapshot from openwrt repo.

The other one that I had UART, I booted a initramfs image and sysupgrade from there.

thank you. I hoped I can use one of the openwrt initram images (like with uart) and not deal with "reading" chinese again. also describes using the chinese fw, so be it...

yeah, tfttp recovery only loads xiaomi FW.
I also hate that xiaomi FW, you saw I posted some translated screenshots. :slight_smile:

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Why not use Global 3.0.22 firmware for tftp recovery?

As far as we know, only the Chinese OEM firmware version 1.0.17 allows the exploit that allows to enable SSH.

Global 3.0.22 allows it?


maybe I'll fall back to opening the device and use uart anyways: dnsmasq bothers me with /tmp/tftp inaccessible: Permission denied (although root has permission)

Didn't knew that method had evolved and was in the wiki.

With UART you'll also need tftp to load initramfs.