[GCC 7.2 BUILD] Optimized TP-Link Archer C7 V2 AC1750 LEDE Firmware

Yes my Archer looks just like that:

but the Netgear like this:

The menus are accessed through a rollover. I prefer the appearance of the optimized Archer build and being new to LEDE I am trying to understand why it looks different and if I can add a package to the Netgear for consistent interfaces.

That's the skin used in Luci (the firts is the material theme).
Can be changed in the options.

Yes I searched theme in Software and found that right after I posted. That was neat how that changed, thanks for the help.

Ok!! Great.

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so @cliobrando why havent you got a github yet? or bit bucket or a shared link that you update frequently on google drive? i mean youve done an awesome job with your builds as well as @r00t.

Hi, thanks for your comment, well I don't want to publish something that I cannot maintain (and that isn't necessary), it's better that if you want to learn how to create your own build just try to do it.
I went from knowing 0, to compile my own build of LEDE using r00t patches, isn't that hard, and you'll learn a lot.

It seems Qualcomm fast path is not going to be implemented in Openwrt and it doesn't work with cake. But now there's flow-offload HW NAT and in the beginning it was only for netfilter and now there's a working version for iptables. Hope to see this in a future build so we can test it.

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i agree, i mean it is nice to have something already compiled, but can you trust it? i mean its not that hard to put in a backdoor when you compile the firmware .!...but the same thing can be said for anything not developed by your own two hands, and unless you know how to binwalk a binary file(and know what should and shouldnt be there) youre sol. I havent had a chance to look at recent documentation on building and compiling with backports menuconfig, how would you rate it? did you do a lot of googling in order to actually compile it yourself applying patches using config files etc?

To compile LEDE I just followed the steps in the "how to" guide, it's really easy, I will try to summarize:

  • obtain lede source using git
  • update feeds
  • install feeds
  • copy the r00t patches folder
  • copy the files folder (conf files)
  • apply r00t patches using the patch command.
  • make menuconfig
  • make

That's all, I don't know what you mean with backport compiling, all is done automatically by the build system.

Also thanks for the simple breakdown, thats looks easy!!

hey so i flashed your binary file but kmod-mtd-rw doesnt appear to be built in.

Yes, I just compiled a build with rw support, and then removed it.

But what you can do: install the official lede build, install kmod rw support and install breed, and then install whatever build you want.

ok so ive got breed installed now, when i do a reboot i have to unplug the power and hold down the reset button in order for it to boot into lede/openwrt. Is that normal?

No, you have to plug the router with the reset button pressed to enter to the bootloader menu.
If I turn off my router and then turn on, LEDE is booted normaly.

well for me when i run a reboot 2 ethernet lights flash along with the wps light shows up, so i unplug it, press the reset button for a couple seconds then it boots into lede, maybe its just something to do with wps.if i hold it any longer it goes to breed of course. I was freaking out there for a second lol...thinking...OMG I BRICKED MY ROUTER OH NOOOOOOOOOO! i did change the pin when i set the mac...so thats probably it. probably just have to set it back to 12345670

hey @root did you remove the bbr from the nightly builds?

cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_congestion_control

yes sir i did that, which is why i'm asking. i noticed my sysctl.conf was giving me an error, so i checked if bbr is gone, all im left with is cubic.

You can check all congestion protocols availiable:
sysctl net.ipv4.tcp_available_congestion_control

:~# sysctl net.ipv4.tcp_available_congestion_control
net.ipv4.tcp_available_congestion_control = bbr cubic reno

yeah you sure can!!!
net.ipv4.tcp_available_congestion_control = cubic reno
BBR IS GONE :frowning: i guess i have to build my own now. dang i guess ill have to put whatever i was doing before on the back burner for like an hour. lol