[GCC 7.2 BUILD] Optimized TP-Link Archer C7 V2 AC1750 LEDE Firmware

Also, directed @ any mods:

Why were two of my previous posts in this thread flagged as spam? (1, 2)

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The links I posted were not promotional or irrelevant to the topic. The first one is a link to a fork I made that I mentioned only because it was relevant at the time as a direct reply to another user's request, not as an attempt at advertising. The second one is a link to the official lede repo mirror as part of an explanation for a question that gets asked constantly here.

This new forum software is starting to get really obnoxious. Over-engineered would be too much of a compliment for it. At this point, I'd prefer the archaic forum that openwrt still has running.

EDIT: I was informed that apparently github was being considered a spam domain and has since been added to a whitelist.

Hi @cliobrando, whatever I do, the big lag comes back after a while and persists until a reboot and after that also comes quickly back again, so I'm on stock firmware now;
I would like though to give another shot and flashing your firmware, but please tell me what do I have to do to have DHCP leases on the clients, I remember seeing an IP obtained on the WAN side (with DHCP) but none of the clients received any internet through their connection (they all had the yellow exclamation mark)

It was closed??? Why??

Unintentional, per the nice mod who responded to me flagging it asking why :slight_smile:

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so its back up eh...yeah id like to try the odhcpd and unbound with the breed bootloader, but i keep up to date with @r00t nightly, still waiting for a kernel update in order to use the kmod-mtd-rw package. my raspberry pi's are already on 4.14.18+, im amazed at the slow progression to mips.

p.s. i just run a script after a flash to remove everything already preinstalled in the packages:

opkg remove luci-app-simple-adblock
opkg remove simple-adblock
opkg remove luci-app-statistics
opkg remove luci-theme-material
opkg remove zone*
opkg remove luci-app-sqm
opkg remove vim
opkg remove tcpdump-mini
opkg update
opkg install tcpdump
opkg install zoneinfo-pacific
opkg install macchanger
opkg install iftop
#mkdir /opt
#rm -rf /mnt/sda1/*.*
#mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda1 ; tar -C /overlay -cvf - . | tar -C /mnt/sda1 -xf - $

whats the best way to add odhcpd and unbound to my script in order to remove dnsmasq? since im too lazy to compile my own configuration of the snapshots.

even better, replace dnsmasq with odhcp + unbound, add getdns/stubby and forward unbound to stubby. So you get DNS over TLS with stubby and the caching of unbound = 0 lag.

nice!! can you think of a way to add that to my shell script? so if anyone else wants to do it, its just a simple ... sh change.sh. i keep a separate partition where i store scripts so after a flash i just mount that partition(or its mounted automatically) and run it.

First, Why do you want 4.14 kernel? Just stick with the LEDE trunk, I think that the 4.9.X kernel is enough for 99% of cases, even 4.4 is enough if you don't care about BBR.
Second: Why a script? take the r00t patches and config, set up a build environment, and add or remove packages and kernel modules to your liking, and compile your own firmware.

Edit: to replace u-boot with breed, I just added the rw kmod to my build and flashed without problems.

cliobrando - would you mind uploading a copy of you version for factory-us-bin?

Thank you,

No problem, I'll compile a new one.

sysupgrade: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Rx_Wp8cnkMIepCUrIcLjaQIzd-ukjYje
factory-us: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1x2sf0HJiigJnVk8VG-fNPxY6P0S21i1H

There's a lot of error messages from stubby on the system log (it's one message repeated), but seems that it's just a bug, if you restart the daemon or even launch stubby from the shell in debug mode (stopping stubby first): "stubby -C /etc/stubby/stubby.yml -l -v 7" all is fine. The errors appear just when LEDE is starting if you restart stubby no error message appears in the log.

Well, after all stubby/getdns were just added recently to the LEDE Trunk, so a lot of rough edges are expected (no luci config, almost no documentation, bugs, etc.).

Hope you can use my build, I tried to include most of my configs in it, but if something isn't working just go to the options and check if everything is ok.

Thank You!

hey @r00t do you think you could include the kmod-mtd-rw into your builds?

I acquired this router specifically for this special build after using Tomato for better than ten years. I installed direct to this from the stock firmware with no issues. I am not yet using the router as my connection or anything really but it's on and idling on my network. I wish I knew if lag might become an issue.

I also got a Netgear WNDR4300 given to me and put the latest LEDE, and I was surprised to find the interface looks a little different. Is the difference in this build, o well those changes appear in the next release?

Thanks so much for LEDEing the way.

The default LEDE build (not customized) comes with a standard package selection, the "customized" LEDE build comes with the packages selected by the "owner" of the build, in this case r00t. That's why the menu looks different.

I understood that. The biggest difference I see is the colors seem more bland in the regular LEDE, and the menus are accessed differently, it's not simply additional items. Are there packages that change the color scheme?

There's a themes package, but I dont know if the color scheme changes between build.

The buttons have color on this build and not the release.

Image from the build that I'm currently using: