Fritzbox 4040: using "info" LED as WPS indicator?


there are 5 LED on a FB40, one of which is marked "info". Can it be set to indicate if WPS button has been pushed and WPS is active? Luci does not offer the necessary options there, so I guess it needs to be done manually.


According the toh pages, default the buttons do not do anything, but on page: hardware.button you can program a function on a button.


It might be worth reading this thread about WPS...

TL;DR - don't use it unless you have no other option to connect devices, links to WPS documentation are in the thread.

I am not trying to bind the WPS function to a hardware button. The FritzBox 4040 is equipped with two buttons at the top: "WLAN" and "WPS", and both are working perfectly in OpenWRT 21. And because I can choose on which of my VLAN the WPS function is being used and on which it is not to be used, I don't think it's a too bad idea to make my guest network a bit more comfortable to connect to. My private network is on another VLAN without WPS functionality. But in general, security is not the topic here.

I am looking for a way to make use of the LED marked "Info": I want to make it flash while WPS is active. All 4 LED can be configured to lighten up or flash with various conditions using LuCI, but there is no condition like "flash while WPS is active".

It's your network, so your call. WPS has been deprecated because it is not secure and the relative convenience has been largely diminished anyway -- it's not hard to enter in a password, and you could use the sharing features from iOS and Android, or just use a QR code. But whatever makes you happy is fine.

So, if I understand it properly, you've got WPS working and all you're trying to do is control the Info LED? I think the easy way to turn it on is to simply trigger with the button press, but I'm not sure exactly what signals you'll get to turn it back off... I don't use WPS, so hopefully someone else knows if there is a signal (such as something in the log) that you can use to detect that the process is complete and then turn off the LED.