Forward to

Is this possible?

I need this because a bunch of IP Phones are contacting (a router that has its sip ports forwarded to a laptop on and the sip server tells them to send out voice data to

What is the topology?

Are the phones on the “WAN” side of the router, the “LAN” side? On their own VLAN? Same for the SIP server.
-----> (router, has its own dhcp server, port forwarded SIP 5060 to .227)
-----------> (SIP Server)
-----------> (working phone connected to
-----> (phone connectd to, which then tries to connect to and fails)


  • Add a route to via
  • Make sure the lan zone forward policy is permissive.


  • Disable the masquerading for wan zone.
  • Add a forwarding from wan to lan zone.

can you tell me what I did wrong?
from a client on router: pinging gets a reply, but pinging gets timed out

very nice! i pinged another client ( and it worked! very thankful for your quick answer @vgaetera

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