Flint 2 Router warms up quite quickly


I recently bought Flint 2 (GL-MT6000). I installed OpenWrt 23 on it and after initial problems with PPPoE everything works fine now, but I'm a bit worried about the heat generated by the router.

I have Flint 2 (router in the middle) on a chest of drawers. I store shopping bags in the top drawer of the chest of drawers. My concern now is this: The heat that Flint 2 emits goes through the wood, so the bags are always quite warm. I can't imagine that this is good for the router, the wood and the bags in the long term. Hence my question: Is this normal? Previously I had a different router from GL.iNet with which the problem did not exist. Is this "dangerous" / harmful for the router? Is there anything that could be placed under the router to reduce the heat?

I'd ask in this thread.

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Just so you have some reference points, I have three MT6000s, each in separate rooms in my house. I see the following temps at the present time and all three are humming along just fine:

root@AP-Office:~# ./temps.sh
CPU temp       :  48°C
2.4 GHz Radio  :  49°C
5 GHz Radio    :  51°C
root@AP-SchoolRoom:~# ./temps.sh
CPU temp       :  49°C
2.4 GHz Radio  :  53°C
5 GHz Radio    :  53°C
root@AP-LivingRoom:~# ./temps.sh
CPU temp       :  50°C
2.4 GHz Radio  :  55°C
5 GHz Radio    :  55°C

Thanks for the answers!

Before I make one myself, could you share your temp.sh script with me?

Sure! But I'm actually using the good work of @darksky that he posted here: :sunglasses:


If I put a Tupperware container under the router so that there is air between the dresser and the router, it is about 48°C warm, without a Tupperware container directly on the dresser it also seems to be about 53°C warm. If this is normal, I'm reassured. Do you have any idea what I could do other than put a Tupperware container under the router to prevent the heat from building up there?

Looking at the breakdown pictures of the router on the OpenWRT page it is designed to cool top up with the chimney effect drawing air from the sides and out the top.

The back plate is going to block any significant airflow but you could, maybe, get some additional cooling by supporting it at all 4 corners with something like pill bottle caps hot glued in place.

Anything covering the bottom vents is going to impede airflow.

And move everything on its vented sides away so it is not taking in their heat.

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Another datapoint for temps. Room temp is around 73F:

# temps.sh 
CPU temp       :  53°C
2.4 GHz Radio  :  57°C
5 GHz Radio    :  55°C

Shrug, not only do I have space for the bottom to draw air, I have a USB powered 80mm fan siting on top drawing air out.
Works good.


Does the fan run full speed all the time or does it have a thermistor and ramp up the speed depending on temperature?

Full time, doesn't bother me, slight noise.

I think you guys are overly concerned about operating temps of SOCs that are designed to run at these temps.

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Yeah, I agree:

I looked up the MT7986AV and its junction temperature is 105c. I could not find the tdp but I'd guess, like most things, it is ~100c.

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