Fix WAN <--> LAN limits bug

There appears to be a bug limiting bandwidth on the WAN to LAN interfacing.

Specifically, I have consistently seen 800+ Mbs throughput in both directions on Stock and DD-WRT firmware. I recently tested a move to OpenWrt and discovered it was throttled around 500 Mbs.

Please see additional discussion here:

As laid out in the thread you reference yourself, there is no bug, just limited hardware capabilities.

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Not a hardware issue, as this doesn't exist with other firmware. See above.

This is not a bug with OpenWrt.

There are some offloading options that may be available for your device. See this thread as a reference.

If you don't see offloading options, though...

Some vendor supplied firmware includes special closed-source/proprietary hardware acceleration libraries for the routing engine. This means that OpenWrt doesn't have access to the code to enable faster hardware/software flow offloading for some chipsets. In those cases, you may find that the vendor firmware (or in some rare situations, alternative firmware that has a license to use these libraries and/or can use pre-compiled 'blobs') will be significantly faster than what OpenWrt can provide on the same hardware.


It looks like there really is a bug for the IPQ806x routers running Kernel 5.15 (and 6.1 ?) see:

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Ok... then I stand (or sit) corrected. Thanks for finding that!

Apologies @holocronology... what I said is true for some hardware, but apparently there is an actual bug in the case of your device (so now I must 'eat crow'... lol).

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What you said is true for all hardware :slight_smile:

But in this case there is also a really strange and very hard to find bug specifically for these krait cores.

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No worries. Your comment makes sense and is not wrong in a general sense.

I'm far from knowledgeable about the intricacies in the deep hardware/code, but I understand about proprietary systems. That said, as noted, it does appear to be an issue in the code, as noted by @egc in my original post with the question about the issue I was noticing. Thusly, I brought it here.

I'd be happy to test a fix.

I am always a bit hesitant to build for other people, if I brick my own equipment so be it, but bricking someone else's is different.
But if you really want I can make a build for your R7500v2, but the devs are working on a solution, they have taken the matter upstream to the kernel developers, which also means it can take a while.

I have just looked into snapshot/6.1 and looking at the code I expect the same problem for which this patch might also help (with the necessary changes) but i have yet to build and test

Much appreciated, and I may come back and request it at a later date. This router isn't really critical to me and I only pressed it into service again after having been annoyed with TP-Link's Mobile App Only management interface. If the r7500v2 bricked, I have other options (like an r9000 i really dislike and the Deco mesh--heck I could default to OpenWRT on a Proxmox box if needed).

That all said, I'm ok with waiting for now. I'll just run the router on alternate firmware (dd-wrt) which doesn't have this issue (yet?) in the interim.

No DDWRT is fine, I also have an R7800 still running DDWRT which runs fast (900 Mb/s without any off loading) and is stable with an uptime of > 2 months running at my in laws :slight_smile:

But its Kernel 4.9 is EOL

Yes...hence my desire to move to OpenWrt as the development appears to be more active. I'd move to the r9000, but it's still not "offically" supported, I really dislike the non-removable antenna (I have a different system for mesh WiFi), and the dual internal routers just confuse me. I should just by a UDM-PRO SE :wink: .


Important patches are still back ported so I am not overly worried and the devs over there are working on an update to Kernel 6.1 but that will take some time and effort and will likely come with the problems we are facing now.

The R9000 has a very powerful CPU but radios tend to fail, it has basically two switches which are daisy chained but that is confusing indeed.

Yeah, I keep waffling on this. Maybe I'll keep it and tear off the antenna. :rofl:

Clipped the ears....