First time trying to connect to hotel captive portal

Hi all
I am right now in my hotel room jet lagged and trying to find out how to connect the travel router to a hotel WiFi for the first time.
I don’t manage to find a place where this is explained.
I found some mention to clone MAC adress which I have done from my iPhone to the router via luci. No success.
Could you please point me to a place where I can read how to connect to a hotel captive portal step by step


let me know if you are able to reach here 56%20PM

I can get here

Identity and join the network

But how do I deal with the captive portal?

Use a laptop etc with a web browser to access through your router. It will go to the captive portal. Log in to the captive portal then all devices attached to the router should have Internet. The captive portal sees only one connection, coming from the router's MAC address. Speaking of that, you should not have to clone the MAC address, just log in the router by going through it from a user device.

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@cbx200 but before then you have to have one more wireless interface as the one wlan intreface is connected to hotel wifi as client

@mk24 ok ?


like this

after that connect to this new ssid

Just use the wlan connection manager called travelmate, see here: Travelmate support thread


It is much simpler if you are able to connect to the router LAN via Ethernet. If you must use a wireless device to log in to the router, there is a big problem that while the client mode interface is searching for its AP, the AP interface on the same radio will go off the air. If the client is never able to connect, you don't have a a way to log in to the router. Travelmate solves that problem.


Yes, but (in most cases) the OP must still spoof the WAN's MAC to verify/agree on the WAN's captive portal!

Usually this is done on a URL via a META redirect in a web browser (Layer 7).

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I have tried to do precisely this using chrome web browser in my iPad connected to the router, but it doesn’t work

To be honest @cbx200, I've never used the apps mentioned.

I do the following:

  • Use a device to get the link of the captive portal, it usually contains the MAC (sometimes the IP issued in DHCP) of the device I'm using.
  • I then connect to my router
  • Using a browser now connected to the router, I alter the URL to display the MAC of the: WAN WIFI, Ethernet, etc. being used to connect to the network.
  • I then proceed to verify/agree

(This could probably be done by and SSH to a SOCKS proxy at the WAN...?)

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I can’t follow you.
I am very new to all this.

I am also not sure what to do exactly with travelmate
Is there not a simple way, I assume many people connect to captive portals with openwrt?

You just copy and paste an URL.

I didn't suggest software.

People connect to captive portals with their device, you're connecting with a router.

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No buddy it's not complex as you are saying

The snapshot above was from my live session from which I was accessing internet apple said was uplink and openwrt ssid was the downlink

No wrong I have done this a lot many times. Your case is when the travel router is in bridge mode . Here that's not the case .. here it's chaining as far as I understand

Yes spoofing here is not required because the guy want to access interest on iPhone via travel router .. spoofing of Mac is required to take over the auth session of that Mac not required

I've never placed a router in "bridge mode."

Nor do I own a "travel router."

I did as I described.

Please read again:

There is no WAN and LAN in bridge mode.

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Ok let me share then wit u. Yes you are correct it's hard to provide solution without access