First thing I try failed

I have a GL-300n-V2 that I bought to "mimic" my ISPs router so I can use 4G to replace my ISP when they go down (which is alot). The stock firmware restricts the LAN IP that makes my plan fail.

I replaced the firmware with the latest openwrt package, then managed to stumble through getting it to find and connect to my 4G wifi hotspot.

The only remaining task is to assign the LAN to mimic the IPs used by my ISP. I can change them, and "save changes", and the IP changes properly, and everything works as expected and I can access the admin pages at the new address BUT after 90seconds the config reverts to the default. When I return to the default admin page, it says "Failed to confirm apply within 90s, reverting..."

How/where to I "confirm" the apply?

This is my first exposure to OpenWrt, and I'm obviously missing something basic.

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I tried it several more times, and it magically took on the last one. My IP and Subnet were okay, so there must be something about how quickly I was able to go to the new admin panel or something. I think I'm good to go, as long as it doesn't revert tomorrow...

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