Firmware for Huawei WS5200 V2 - I have unit for testes

Hello my friends, let's make a picture for this product has good capacity and.

What are you offering or asking beyond a picture of a router?

Your post is a bit short on technical details if you have hardware available for testing or porting.

If it follows in the footsteps of the WS5200 v1 (1 GHz Realtek RTL8197FS SOC, 128 MB flash, 128 MB RAM, RTL8197FS+RTL8812BRH wireless), it will neither be easy to support (even if it isn't lexra anymore, there's still zero upstream support for this SOC - and the WLAN support isn't any better) nor particular tempting given the hardware specifications. A whole lot of work, for a rather low-end device with a problematic support state, but potentially possible for someone with lots of time to burn.