Fibocom FM350-GL Support

Hey. So ive been trying to get the FM350-GL modem working with openwrt for a while now. Ive been using the WG1608 router for this and ive been compiling images myself. Ive tried compiling with the testing kernel version (5.15), enabling all MHI related packages and all WWAN packages, compiling for x86 and running it on a mini pc with a NGFF to mPCIe adaptor and even going as far as compiling the newest modem manager v1.21.1 but still no luck. using lsusb it shows the the modem IS detected, but modem manager doesnt seem to see it. Its worth pointing out that when i tried using ROOter/ Golden Orb , it shows the modem is present but not connected and it cant open ttyUSB to talk to it. Im sure that the modem does work with openwrt (correct me if im wrong) as ive seen on other forums people mentioning theyre using it on linux based systems. Any help would be appreciated!

I would doubt that very highly. Nowhere that I can find mentions the FM350 and OpenWrt and only a page from IBM detailing how to make it work with Linux. That involved updating the kernel and updating a number of things using Docker. Then mmcli would work.

For ROOter I have patched the Option driver to recognize the modem, which even mainstream Linux doesn't have, so it has serial ports and you can run AT Commands. This modem has 2 different modes with different PIDs and different locations for the AT Command port. Both modes are RNDIS.

It will accept some of the AT Commands that other Fibocom modems do but not all of them. The big one it doesn't support is GTRNDIS which the other modems use to connect. Another is GTRAT so you can't find out if it is LTE, 5G NSA or 5G SA. Or set these modes.

Without knowing the command to make it connect you are lost. The only mention of an AT Command manual is from TechShip and must be bought. Nothing from Fibocom I could find. So at the moment is of no use in OpenWrt.

Here is a user manual for the fm350

I'm new at this but to me it looks like the commands for connecting the sim are on page "31"
and there also looks to be several other commands as well.

Thanks for the manual. But it is a hardware manual and not an AT Command manual.

The command you are looking at is one to turn SIM hot plugging on and off. This is for certain routers whose hardware design stops the reading of the SIM. It has nothing to do with connecting except you may need to turn this off to get the modem going.

Still looking.