Feedback - Xiaomi 4A Gigabit router switch patches - PLEASE CLOSE THREAD!

Hi Xiaomi 4A Gigabit owners,

I've done a few patches related to the mt7530 switch.

Some users have reported interface going up and down - V19.07 snapshot branch

  • Enabled back the flow control on port 5

  • Disabled EEE function - possible fix on interface up/down issue - this needs feedback!

Could i ask for testers over a period of a few days test, who have experienced this issue and feedback on this thread!




Hi, I am planning to buy this router. Does this support Mesh Mode?

Be careful - Xiaomi is selling 4As without proper metal shielding. I just received mine today in Germany sold by Going right back to Xiaomi.

Top one is mine, bottom from openwrt TOH page.

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Yeah i just ordered one over the german mi shop, too
It is missing the shielding as well, so it's not a fluke, it's at least a whole batch probably.

I saw a YouTube video where it was mentioned that this router has Mesh support. I have flashed my Mi 4C with OpenWRT and it has Mesh support so pretty confident 4A will also have Mesh.

I appreciate you guys want to talk about this router, but this thread is not for that discussion.

Please start a new thread in the general topic area.


Possible to check for the shielding without opening the device?

Yes, it is possible to see that the shields are missing when the case is closed, because the back consists of many small ventilation holes.

I also got my device from in Germany in March. Manufactured 2021 week 19.
Flash chip from GigaDevice.

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