Expanding OpenWRT from 8MB to 16MB

My device is TL-WR840Nv4. I dumped 8MB flash to a bin file. How can I modify it and flash it into new flash and solder it?

Some (possibly) useful links Wr902ac v3 8mb to 16mb storage - #5 by imran1441

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Place the 8 MB you have in the first half of the new chip. Swap the chip and it should boot and run as 8 MB. Then you need a firmware with a new partition table to access the new space.

This is different from an ath9k since the radio data is in the "factory" partition which stays in the same place regardless of flash size.

So I need to build new firmware. How can I modify openwrt firmware that's avaliable for my device? (TL-WR840Nv4). Thanks

See if there is another model with the same chipset which came with 16 MB flash. It may be possible to use existing builds for that model.

Found this. 16MB flash, 64MB ram which is equal to mine. It is not TP-Link, but it should behave same if drivers for same chipset exist right? Only difference is, mine is operating at 575Mhz but this 580Mhz.