Ethernet port icons on OpenWrt

I came back from Freshtomato to OpenWrt for my latest router. What I am missing from Freshtomato is easy-to-read ethernet port icons. which are excellent on Freshtomato but absent on OpenWrt.
How can I get similar icons on OpenWrt any opkg package or luci plugin et etc?

Are you sure they're missing?


Browse to: Network > Switch

(Is this OpenWrt-related?)


They are 'missing' for DSA though, it seems. I for one cannot find a page that shows them, I only have devices on DSA in 'production'.


found, but these aren't animated. first world problems.

Odd, they work on my device.

  • If you mean fake Tx/Rx lights flashing, then no
  • If you mean connected and disconnected, the picture clearly shows that works
  • It also shows the speed and duplex
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Network/Interfaces/Devices/Configure (bridge device)/Bridge VLAN Filtering



and this is on OpenWrt

On Freshtomato there is a clear difference in colour, the same should be done on OpenWrt. this will help users see any issue from a mile away.

Secondly, this should be in Status -- Overview instead of buried under network -- switch.
I am using both firmware on different devices so that is why I am sharing my suggestions.

You have the same information, small visual differences are to be expected.




:confused: Wait...

You're complaining about cosmetic differences?

Those obviously won't be identical, as they're not developed by the same persons.

(Now, I'm not sure if your post is a joke?)

Lastly, you agree there are icons - that was kind of rude and disingenuous not mentioning them because you want them to be 100% identical. Feel free to edit the colors, location, etc. to your liking.

I am just suggesting that there should be a contrast in colour between 1000 and 100 base ethernet so that users can easily spot it to rectify any issue with the network cable.
I face this issue due to loose cables on my network.

Calm down, I am just suggesting not insulting anyone.

I also requested in my OP for any way (opkg package or luci plugin) to change their behaviour according to my likening, which I suggest should be the default in luci.

The first page any one sees on opening the OpenWrt router address is overview page, that is why ethernet connection info should be present there, IMHO. :slightly_smiling_face:


There is no color, it says it in writing. Are you asking for a feature request?


  • Perhaps you should fix your bad cabling?
  • How is this related to the OpenWrt itself?

Not upset, feel free to alter it to your liking. That's the point of Open Source software. I was just under the impression that you had a genuine issue (not cosmetic complaints and issues with other hardware).

Interesting opinion, feel free to put it there. :+1:

Yes, I am asking for a feature request related to Openwrt.
I gave my example, as there are many others like me, ordinary OpenWrt users, who might miss the fine print of 100 vs 1000. Contrasting Colour makes it obvious and easy to spot.
adding it to the overview page will make it front and central, any change in ethernet connectivity will be spotted early on.


:confused: You're saying you'll miss the speed line...but can read a color and legend for deciphering the colors???

Okay, if you say so...


(It'll be even more interesting for color blind people.)

Commonly, they usually want you to make the changes and submit them - not task them with a purely cosmetic change simply because you just want it that way.

In any case, I hope the best.

Also, how do you pick the colors - as every device doesn't have the same LED colors?

Traffic lights are coloured not written in any language, why, bcz high contrast colours are easier to distinguish.
92% of people aren't colour blind.
Even colour-blind people usually have one type of colour blindness, so we can still help them with specific themes or colour schemes depending on their usage.

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You can file a pull request. I'm sure the developers would be happy to consider your contribution.

'Should' two times in a row is hardly a suggestion.

'Feature requests' is all fine and dandy. It's not how OpenWrt works though.


I am not experienced enough to do a pull request, not a developer by profession. I describe myself as an "experienced noob" :slightly_smiling_face:
English is not my first language, so usage of "should"sound excessive.

I have used Openwrt since 2012, but left the project bcz my previous router was packed up and not required in the intervening years. during this time, I had some experience with Homeassistant another Open-source project where there is a dedicated forum for "Feature requests".

In fact the latest project, I am trying to help with was started as a feature request, leading to two HA integration by excellent developers.


Perhaps @jow can share his thoughts on this feature request?

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Yeah makes sense, but no time to work on it.


Found some hours to cobble together something, currently looks like this on an ER-X:

The green/red colors indicate zone/network membership (my eth0 has both because it's a trunk port carrying WAN and LAN via VLANs)

I should also scale to many ports, design wise (tested by repeating the actual ports a few times):

Hovering the colors gives a member network list:


Hovering the up/down bytes provides detailed stats:


So far so good, potential issues/quirks/unexpected behaviors:

  • We don't know the actual port labels printed on the device. While DSA devices are supposed to name their netdevs after the external case labels, I'm not sure if it is universally true
  • Only considers ethernet ports mentioned in /etc/board.json
  • Does not expose the OEM intended role of the port ("WAN port", "LAN port", "SFP port")
  • Default wan/lan zone colors (red & green) or the zone color bar in general might be mistaken as some kind of port status indicator (active/inactive/error or 100M vs. 1G indication)

I love this data in and out number.
It could be great if this field could be customizable in the future.