Edgerouter x 19.07.4 - Connection limited to 100 Mbit

after installing openwrt my edgerouter x is not over 100mb speed, has anyone had this problem? openwrt version 19.07.4

Your WAN says 1000 Mbps, I'm confused - this clearly isn't true.

Have you checked the cable on LAN 2?


Is the connected device gigabit capable? Is the cable good and has all 8 wires (4 pairs)?


yes, i used the same cable and my connection took about 210mb

hello friends, apparently it's my connection, I connected the network cable directly to the operator's router and it is still below 100mb


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Two GbE devices should locally link at 1000 regardless of the ISP speed. A speed test of 94 Mb on a line that should be much faster likely means there is a 100 Mb Ethernet link in the path. With overhead the usable throughput is about 94.

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exactly that, it’s no more than 94mb on the computer, the wifi that is on the operator’s router is normally over 100mb, is there anything I can do?

I just noticed that it is something on my computer, the connection is no more than 94mb even connected directly to the operator's router

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