EAP225v4 missing all ath10 drivers

I thought I try if the eap225v4 has better wifi performance than eap245v3.

But it is hard to test because the image for 225v4 doesn’t have any ac radio to try?
It only have a bgn radio!?

At least this was the output from yesterdays image r20346-163e680e05.

check if the packages for the QCA9886 are installed.

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Would be surprising if packages go missing in vanilla images from one day to another, but someone might have slipped up modifying the image makefiles...

I'd check dmesg for radio related errors as well.

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Would this be the atk10 packages specified in the make file?

define Device/tplink_eap225-v4
  SOC := qca9563
  IMAGE_SIZE := 13824k
  DEVICE_PACKAGES := kmod-ath10k-ct ath10k-firmware-qca9888-ct
TARGET_DEVICES += tplink_eap225-v4

There seem to be missed in the build manifest.

But at the same time kmod-atk10k-ct and ath10k-firmware-qca9888-ct is specifically also not set in config.buildinfo file!?

I will try making a completely new build because it was some problems yesterday when it downloaded files from github servers that didn’t respond so maybe it whent missing somewhere then.

The point is: do you have them on your device?

# opkg list-installed|grep ath10k

No, but they can’t be found installed if they aren’t in the manifest from the build to begin with!

But it is no real point making a new build and hoping for the best either because these atk10 packages aren’t included in the make menuconfig automatically when I choose this device.
Not even if I clone a completely new buildroot.

But even more confusing, I looked on the homepage in the snapshot build manifest for ath79 devices, and no device seem to have been buildt with any ath10 drivers?

Looks like a more pervasive issue then. Bit weird those images get compiled with required packages missing as well...

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Well I never got any errors in the build, it just run yesterday all the way to the finnish with a final checksum.
It wasn’t until today when I installed it and was going to test the wifi I didn’t find half of the wifi hardware.

So what do we do now?

Yes they should be in the model's section in the makefile. The quickest way to get them onto your router for testing would be to just manually select them in menuconfig and rebuild.

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