Dumb AP with linksys e8450 / Belkin RT3200 occasionaly client associates but no connectivity

Captured these from where the issue just occurred:


Issue seen from client:

Please test this patch: https://termbin.com/9jba
It has the firmware update, but not the commit after it.


This is looking much better so far! I've had 10 minutes of uptime using the patch (--> c07f459278) and haven't had a single reoccurrence of the issue thus far. Previously the issue would have shown itself multiple times within this same timeframe.

I have this build now on my three RT3200s and will do more testing, including physically moving between APs for a bit. I will report back in an hour or two (or sooner if you need me to test anything more) and let you know if I have seen the issue pop up again.

Thank you SO much for the quick attention to this and willingness to work through it with me :slight_smile:

Does the issue only show up on 2.4 GHz, or also on 5 GHz?

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To be honest, the clients I noticed the issue on are 5Ghz clients. I was not testing with any 2.4Ghz only clients, so I cannot say whether they were affected for sure.

After another round of careful code review, I may have found the bug in my commit and came up with a fix for it.
Please test this patch (after reverting the previous one): https://termbin.com/6az6
Thanks a lot for reporting this and for testing my changes!


Wow, you work fast! At 10 minutes of uptime now with a fresh build from the last patch you sent (--> 93e3fce916) and no reoccurrence of the issue. This looks really promising!

I will report back in a little while with an update on how it's looking. Thanks!

** UPDATE **
@nbd Still running solid @ 1hour uptime. No reoccurrence of the original issue I brought up.

I am seeing a lot of these errors "daemon.err hostapd: nl80211: kernel reports: integer out of range" but these have been present prior to the issue we were troubleshooting and I will dig into those more later.

Thanks so much for your help and work, @nbd!


assume I'm an absolute noob, how would I go about making a build with this patch or how do I read up on that?

Thanks for your work,

You thinked is resolved for next build ?

I build with aparcar, not real build for the router via linux

I can wait the next build,

I pushed the fix out to master and 22.03, so the snapshot builds should pick it up soon


Super! Many thanks!


Great news, many thanks @nbd , i will test the 22.03 snapshot as soon the build becomes available. I will also remove the workarroud fix for the 2.4 GHz to check if it is stable.

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Great work @_FailSafe in bringing this to light for the benefit of many!

And Felix also - just wow. It amazes me that you put in so much time and expertise in all of this. Hopefully some satisfaction in knowing how many devices your work affects all around the globe.


I flashed the 22.03 snapshot today , fingers crossed that everything is stable. Many thanks @nbd and to @_FailSafe also for helping to debug the issue.

@nbd is possible to elaborate what is the unknown event 60, that all were seeing in the wireless events via the iw event?


You can ignore "unknown event 60". It's just NL80211_CMD_FRAME, which is used by mac80211 to report received management frames to user space.


any idea if the 802.11ax performance issues mentioned in the link below were fixed in this latest snapshot?

thank you for the info, that message was a mystery to me. How I can get more detailed debug information from the Wifi driver?
I have not experienced the issue since the 22.03 RC but I have not found time to thoroughly test my setup.