Dual band router support MAC clone in WISP mode

Dear All

I am new here, after long searching and buying 2 Router (Totolink X5000R and Tenda AC6)
i still cannot find the right hardware router who met with my needed, in which i need to setup on my site location.

what i need is support 5Ghz Wifi and Can change Mac Address on WISP mode

Please anyone can recommend for me ?

Changing (overriding) the wifi MAC should be possible on any device running OpenWrt. The X5000R can run OpenWrt, the AC6 does not.

could you please tell me how do that ? i have buy x5000r, once i upgraded to openwrt, it changes but in my modem still read the default mac address from router, not the changing one, also 5ghz seems not working

In the file located at /etc/config/wireless you have to add the line option macaddr '00:00:00:00:00:00' inside the corresponding config wifi-iface section.

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thank you, i will try again once i buy again the X5000R, the last one already bricked due to i make bad mistake restore the firmware to oem totolink from openwrt directly, now i cannot open the gui luci, the router could be ping to but on browser say page not found

May i ask again, does this Edimax BR-6478AC V2 is support openwrt ?
i really need 5Ghz working with Mac Clone on Wisp mode

the X5000R seems problem with 5ghz, it say always generic, i can't scan 5ghz network, only 2.4ghz

can anyone recommended to me based my needed as above

between Totolink X5000R or Edimax BR-6478AC V2
which one should i choose ?

Thank you

The 5000R.

could you please tell me why, i see that x5000r have good spec, last time i upgrade to openwrt, i can't make the 5ghz to work, cant even enable and scan the 5ghz wifi. now the device has bricked, want to buy another router, but still confuse which one should to suit my needed

Then what are your needs, except for what posted previously...?