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Hi I am running Openwrt on virtual machine on Esxi as a side router(the main router is from ISP using fiber, lower cost to keep it). All device(include AP, virtual host) physical connect to the main router LAN. All service running properly for now, but the speed is limit(as the virtual host connect to main router with one single port only, which limit the speed to 1000Mbps). Is there anyway I can connect the Esxi host and the main router with 2 cables(Dual ports connection to increase speed) without causing broadcast storm?


If both ends support it, link aggregation control protocol.

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In a situation like this, @edisonleung1, I suspect your bottleneck will be the ESXi Host hardware. Routers/Switches are specialized silicon.

I was running a 2u iDataplex dual-socket, quad-core Xeon and 64GB RAM with a 4-port Intel 1000 NIC. The throughput was governed by the CPU, and even then, it was dog slow (even when pushing almost all the host resources to the guest).

LinkAg is the correct answer, of course, but I'm not sure if it'll actually DO much given that setup. Just be realistic with what you expect to get out of it.

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@edisonleung1 You may want to check out GNS3 if your looking to "VM" a router.. Still slow, but usually not terrible. GNS3 is designed for lab work, and let's you load actual router firmware and virtualize it (Cisco iOS, for example).. and, last time I checked, it was free.. Well, GNS is, the firmware images you have to supply yourself :smiley:

Hi, I am not sure about the hardware, I got 1G fiber internet and currently can get around 900mbps on Speedtest at the gaming pc(Hard ware does affect the speed so I used the best one I have to test). The gaming PC is connect to the Esxi port connect to Openwrt Lan, I am quite satisfied with the result.I just think the single port connection is the bottleneck and want to see if there is anyway to improve it. Does lineAG requires both end support? Cause I don’t think the router provided by ISP will do, is there any other ways?


Hi, does the lineAG require both end support? Cause I don’t think the router provided by ISP will do, is there any other ways?


The practical throughput of Gigabit is about 930Mbps, so don't expect a clean gigabit number in your tests.
LACP needs to be supported on both ends.
If the router of your ISP limits you, you could change it for a better one that would support it, but in your case it won't make any difference and seems pointless to me.

The speed test is from PC-Openwrt(Esxi)-main router-Internet, so I guess that's ok. but there is the problem of other location, such as the situation of my phone: Phone-AP-main router-Openwrt(Esxi)-main router-Internet. As the line AG won't work, is there any other ways?


I don't think so. You'll have to rearrange your topology.
ISP router - OpenWrt - Switch - LAN devices.

The Esxi is on a 4u case at living room, but the main router is in the garage(unstable temperature and Humidity). I guess I need to replace the main router.

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