Dot config file location?

I found a config.seed file but I cannot find the .config for the device. I'd like to start with the .config for the image that's working now and modify that to minimize the risk of making a broken firmware.

If the config.seed is what you want to base an image on, then:

cp config.seed .config
make defconfig

and make your modifications

Alright maybe I'm asking the wrong question. I want to use the same config that lede buildbot uses to make the firmware. Where does that config live?

Take the config.seed from the download directory for the bot generated image of interest,and do the above with the file. The config.seed is generated by this process. For example the current Stable mvebu.

proviso: bot images are minimal(usually target and LuCI), but frequently multiple sub-targets which may of no interest. Simply starting from scratch and selecting your target of interest and luci will get you to the same point(usually, but target dependent)

Ok this is good to know, I wasn't certain about these details. It's been a long time since I used buildroot enivronment. I ran through all the steps and got a build earlier but I am not so confident that my firmware will work.

I ran into a strange problem where emacs was bytecompiling conftest.el. It was consuming 100% of a cpu and I ended up killing the process and the build proceeded to completion. I had left the build unattended and ~60 minutes later that bytecompile was still running.

Is there any way to use make xconfig instead if make menuconfig? Some settings? Or is only menuconfig supported?

I got a working firmware and it's got a smaller footprint by about 300-400Kb or so.

But some things are broken. Unable to ping/traceroute/ntpd. Seems like a firewall issue but I've not changed any firewall stuff and took your advice to start from scratch*.

I removed any ppp stuff and ipv6. I think removing ipv6 has exposed some config that I can't figure out. I'll ask a separate question in the other category here.


Thanks to the team for making it so easy to build a firmware!!!!