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Still no possibility?


Only yesterday I have been reading again:

As of late 2016, two core team members are personally covering the costs of the Hetzner servers [150 Euro / month]

While reading this I was thinking to myself: I could take some financial load of that shoulders... if I only knew how to donate.


...and this sum is per month. As I briefly overflew by brain first "suggested" year ;- )


It's not fair to have two people basically fund this whole project.
I am all for monthly donations.


Are things going to be returning to the OpenWRT platform, et al, or is LEDE's current setup going to supercede that? I was under the impression that LEDE would continue as it is, but assume the OpenWRT moniker at some point- but I haven't bothered to fact-check that.

I don't have spare cash right now but I do have some hardware that is being underutilized in various POPs- I'd be happy to throw some bandwidth/CPU at it.

OpenWRT/LEDE Merger - WHEN?

If someone objects PayPal and Patreon due to their proprietary nature, why not to create a Liberapay account? I think a project such as OpenWRT needs a way to accept donations.


I'd be in favor for LiberaPay as well, they support organizations therefore fitting the OpenWrt status.
They had some payment provider trouble lately but just recently fixed it cooperating with a new provider, so it should be usable again.


I would prefer giving a one time sum once in a while as well. If the donation page informs about how much money they have at the moment and what the monthly costs are I don't think over funding will be a problem. Librapay would be great if it wasn't for the fact that they require recurring donations.


I'm intrested in donating as well.

Would be sad to see this project go down the drain due to lack of funds.


I think this is a great idea if the goals include money and hardware. Not everyone will be able to provide money and not everyone will be able to provide hardware. Some folks may be able to provide both. After all this forum is a place to provide intellectual help, there should be more ways to help this project. Hardware and money donations would help the project a long way.

As it has been mentioned previously only 2 people are bearing the monthly infrastructure costs, but what about the setup costs of that infrastructure? Someone must have bought it somehow. Secondly, how long will that infrastructure will be helping, does it not need to be replaced after a set amount of time? On the other hand, no one knows how much donations will be generating in terms of money or hardware. Although, we may have some big lists of users coming to this forum or using the website daily for information but it doesnt mean they all want/able to help financially.

As I remember, the last forum we had, went down somehow and a lot of important info got lost probably. So if the project had some financial help, maybe this could have been avoided in first place. I am not saying that we must need to provide for the salaries of people working in the project although it can be included if needed, but still the ongoing infrastructure maintenance and replacement costs needs to be reimbursed somehow, and putting the pressure on just 2 people seems to be an overkill when thousands of people are benefitting from the project.

I am sure the Devs may have seen this topic somehow (or haven't seen it yet) and probably do not want help but they need some help in running this project. This is why we as community are here, helping each other with info as needed. So I would like to introduce an idea: maybe the community should choose some well-reputed forum members (I am not sure for certain who would that include but maybe @tmomas ) in case Devs are not reachable for the time being and create a board of (3 to 5) people (who can spare some valuable time) who oversee the donations and provide feedback as to how the money was spent. I mean they will need to contact the Devs obviously and send the money back to them so it can be spent on appropriate stuff and improve the standing of the project.

After all it's a community driven project so the community needs to make sure it stays alive for the foreseeable future.


After all this time and after all this offers and options are laidout no response so I think everything and everyone is fine except its december and raining ;- )

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Donations can be done via SPI. Donations can be bound to a specific project, e.g. OpenWrt.