OpenWRT/LEDE Merger - WHEN?

There will be a merger but there is no ETA for that yet. Things are moving, but they are moving slowly. When the merger has happened, it is safe to assume that all the resources will be united and redirected to the OpenWrt namespace. Until then, virtually all development happens in LEDE, and until the merger that is where the releases will be. So if you stick to LEDE you will get the latest releases and, ultimately, the information about the move back to OpenWrt.


Thanks for getting back to me on that. Will keep track of things ...

Is there a specific reason to not set a deadline on the merge, just to make sure it get done and not pushed and pushed? I would think having two projects, workflows and with persons in both camps is a little counter productive? To end users, a "little" confusing?

Those individuals that don't code, can certainly send small monetary or hardware donations. It would certainly contribute to someone having a nice lunch or dinner, maybe even help offset server/bandwidth costs. money talks, bullshit walks :wink:

Do you happen to have a link where devs solicit monetary donations?

AFAIK there is no possibility to make donations of any kind. Not yet.

I did some digging in the above linked mailing list early September when I was buying a few new routers.

From what I gathered then, they were stuck on bureaucratic transfer process for a few month. The original agreement stipulated that the ownership of some OpenWRT assets be transferred to the free software non-profit Software in the Public Interest. The merger got stalled there from July to early October.

That is cleared up now. You can read about some of the new October merger discussions of the mailing list, but all seems administrative.

Please be thankful to all those contributors who are doing great work while still finding time to deal with administrative issues.

After the merger, can we do away with the silly mixed drink recipe thing and just go with version
numbers. Bad enough ubuntu and debian do the silly name thing. It really makes projects look stupid-
like they are run by a bunch of nose ringed kids. Sadly, the 90's are over. Long time ago. It was a great decade,
don't get me wrong, but it's over. Can we have grownup version numbers after the merger and lose the silly names?

Does that make the firmware better?

I don't know what your idea of "grown-up version numbers" is, but as for the release nicknames: Yes, they have been dropped.

I don't think you have installed LEDE if you are still seeing the Mixed drink's. As far as I know since 17.01.1 that has disappeared.


Something moves :smiley:

Compiled last night and now I have:
OpenWrt %N SNAPSHOT r5483-abdf0de / LuCI Master (git-17.328.04231-802d5b6)

Start your own thread.

This topic is about something entirely different.


shouldn't it be something like r55483?

LEDE codebase was rebranded as Openwrt a few hours ago, so @craz was quite on top of things.
So, merge is happening NOW.
See the last 10 commits here:;a=shortlog;h=d2c06eb0756dea5f473a34b3eb391517318f4132

The revision seems to continue on LEDE basis ( as the codebase continues from LEDE). At least for now. The whole thing is more or less just about renaming LEDE as Openwrt.

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I don't check commits, but I see what you're saying.

My apologies to @craz


compiled today and ssh banner says OpenWRT. That's better because i am tired of explaining to people when i recommend this OS what LEDE is and what openwrt was. Now i'll simply recommend OpenWRT everybody knows what it is :slight_smile:

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Please, anyone, release ASAP a OpenWRT dumb release as 17.01.5 or 17.02.0 or 18.0.0 and end with this switching nightmare for god sake !!!


What is your issue dude?

What nightmare are you talking about

Pretty simple, actually.

Code base will still be LEDE.

The only thing that will change is the name (branding).