OpenWRT/LEDE Merger - WHEN?

When will the merger happen? And where can I get information on that? Twitter?
(BTW somebody please do LEDE for Xiaomi Router 3)

LEDE-ADM ML, back a few months.

What is this shit? Can't they use normal communication methods? Even the US-president uses twitter (unfortunately, but well...) .

They have to learn, that if you want to succeed in life, whatever it is, you have to make it convenient for the masses:

  1. Normal, public/transparent, easy to find communications.
  2. a) Only one site for all information
    b) AND which is structured
    c) AND doesn't give us eye cancer like this forum.
  3. Set a deadline. AND YES, even for people working in their spare time, a deadline is very important. Because if you have no deadline at all and it takes too long, you will never get to something and just realize, that you wasted your own time by achieving nothing. Without at least a little bit pressure, there's no hope for this project.

If nothing changes, LEDE will also be dead like OpenWRT. No hate here, but facts (no not alternative facts :smiley: ).

Still hoping for progress :disappointed:

(BTW someone please do LEDE for Xiaomi Router 3)

yeah, keep begging...

about the merger, from my POV, it doesn't even have to happen. EVER.


Why is that?

Looking at the mailing lists and the gits it seems like lede/openwrt is moving towards abandonware...
Jo isnt checking in on lede-git, openwrt site fails on ssl, no clear communcation from either site and it kinda seems like the admin mailing list are being censored (or at maybe nobody is posting)

Or maybe im overreacting?

Yes, you are.

The openwrt-devel mailing list is quite abandoned, because, well, most of the devs moved to LEDE. lede-dev is a bit quieter than usual, but not horribly so. Keep in mind that it is August and people take vacations.

In short, yes, you are overreacting.

In a well developed and organized project and/or with a great community, it would be never like it is now, even in summer, when people take vacations.
LEDE seems to be a dead project, except of course some very "opportunistic" people, which are found everywhere, even on projects, that are already dead. I'm one of that very "opportunistic" people. I hope, LEDE will be big someday. But unfortunately, like all or the most of the very opportunistic people, I can't do shit to help the project. So if you don't count us, the "opportunistic" people, LEDE seems very dead. Unfortunately.

This brings to mind the quip by Sam Clemens on being informed of his demise.

Well, I agree, this looks completely dead. It is a stiff. It is bereft of life. It rests in peace. It's off the twig. It kicked the bucket. It shuffled off its mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleeding choir invisible.

It is an ex-project!

You better replace it then.

P.S.: For crying out loud, we had a major release five months ago and two point releases since then.


From my point of view, it is quite the opposite: the principals involved (site admins, package & doc folks, code developers) are actively working on fixes & enhancements to the code / doing great work, and engaging users here on the Forum.. Seems pretty active to me.

Sure you can - install LEDE, go through the steps to configure, install snapshot builds (if you can) to test, and provide feedback (positive or critical) to the Forum if something is "not right" - that helps everyone here.

Regarding the original post / title:

As someone who benefits from the great work done here, it doesn't matter to me "when" the re-merge happens, or what the product is ultimately called - provided the principals involved (on both sides) are satisfied with the final outcome.

To put it another way: everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but this decision was made by those principals who are directly affected by this, and is proceeding .. Nothing is going to change that.

Changing website ownership / integrating platforms / website design / etc. is no small task.

I wouldn't expect a "rapid" turn-around on this. Personally, I would hope and prefer these matters are carefully planned out and staged accordingly by the parties involved and responsible.

  • The principals involved are a talented group. Have some confidence the folks involved will get it done, and let them handle it.

Oh, this has an opportunity of turning into a meme. :wink:

So far, out of all operating systems I use on all of my devices, LEDE has been the one to be updated (point releases) most frequently. And that's for all devices, mobile, desktops, servers, etc.

We must have a drastically different definition of "dead".

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Hi everyone,

I am actually not quite sure whether the original question has been answered. Surely, the answer cannot be the second post with the link to ... WHAT EXACTLY?

So, since I only stumbled on LEDE today by following up on the WPA2 KRACK news, I would very much like to pose the question again, maybe re-phrase it a little:

Is there going to be a merger at some point in time and where would we find the releases then? Over at OpenWRT or here at LEDE?

It would be great to have an announcement or something somewhere prominent, like on the landing page of the website AND (or) at the forum landing page.

Cheers and keep up the good work,


There will be a merger but there is no ETA for that yet. Things are moving, but they are moving slowly. When the merger has happened, it is safe to assume that all the resources will be united and redirected to the OpenWrt namespace. Until then, virtually all development happens in LEDE, and until the merger that is where the releases will be. So if you stick to LEDE you will get the latest releases and, ultimately, the information about the move back to OpenWrt.


Thanks for getting back to me on that. Will keep track of things ...

Is there a specific reason to not set a deadline on the merge, just to make sure it get done and not pushed and pushed? I would think having two projects, workflows and with persons in both camps is a little counter productive? To end users, a "little" confusing?

Those individuals that don't code, can certainly send small monetary or hardware donations. It would certainly contribute to someone having a nice lunch or dinner, maybe even help offset server/bandwidth costs. money talks, bullshit walks :wink:

Do you happen to have a link where devs solicit monetary donations?

AFAIK there is no possibility to make donations of any kind. Not yet.