Does R7800 work with ipv6?

So the Netgear R7800 router seems pretty popular and seems to have good OpenWRT support. Based on that, I recently got the router - however I have been having trouble maintaining an ipv6 uplink.

The link consistently goes out after 30 minutes. It appears that this is a known issue with the multicast filter. However, it's not entirely clear what is causing this. Is anyone running ipv6 successfully without applying some hack?

If so, it is possible there is some hardware defect in many of the devices, alternatively perhaps there are different valid configurations for the upstream ipv6 implementation and some play nicely with R7800 and some do not. If you have a stable ipv6 configuration, do you recieve RA packets on multicast (tcpdump -pni eth0.2 icmp6)

A few resources I came across on the issue:

thorough exploration of the problem: IPv6 works only with wan in promiscuous mode

diagnosing that it is a bug in the multicast filter: Netgear R7800 exploration (IPQ8065, QCA9984)

Additional people coming across the same issue: