DHCP static route

On my computer i Have 2 Networks.
one for "normal" internet [] (managed with my fritz-box) and one for VPN [] (managed by my OPENWRT-Router)
in result i get 2 local subnet with 2 default routs [ and].
most of my Internet-traffic was routed over the VPN (because the metric is lower).
In reason that the VPN is much slower then my normal internet, i only want to route some traffic over VPN.
i can set the static routes on my computer manualy, but i want to set this static routes for my Client-PC automatically with the DHCP on my openwrt.

But i dont now how ...
can someone help me ?

uci add_list dhcp.lan.dhcp_option="121,,"
uci commit dhcp
service dnsmasq restart

Theoretically it is supported.
Practically it may or may not work, depending on the host OS, the client dhcp, if it is a rainy day etc :smiley:
I was considering the same some time ago, and I ended up rerouting from the default gateway. So in case it won't work you can keep the default gateway at your fritz and add static routes there for the networks you want to reroute towards the Openwrt.

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Instead of sending the routes to the clients (and hopping that they honor them), I would configure one gateway in the network, and redirect traffic to either the direct or the secure connection from there.