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Good point.
SIM card slot is indeed not well documented, neither in the dataentries, nor via tags.

I'd like to start with the easier one: tagging devices with SIM card slots.

  • Are there devices out there with more than one slot, if yes, how many slots at max?
  • How should the tag look like? Must be short and easy to write, i.e. "SIM card slot" would be suboptimal
    • 1SIM / 2SIM / 3SIM
    • 1SIMslot / 2SIMslot / 3SIMslot
  • Which devices do you know that have 1/2/3 SIM slots?

I suppose 1SIM / 2SIM / 3SIM is OK, but we can go into details and specify SIM / microSIM / etc.
Plus M.2 (NGFF) slot right after miniPCI ports please.

A lot from have normal mini PCIe slots and so you can install normal laptop LTE modules. They mainly run a openwrt variant with a different UI, but can be flashed to stock openwrt.

Do they have SIM card slots?

Sure how else would you use LTE?
The GL-X750 is pretty popular and reasonable priced.

PS: Whats also nice is that most models come with a MicroSD slot, so you can easily setup a extroot and expand the flash memory for larger openwrt builds.

I don't have strong opinions on the format. The number and type (size) of the slots is obviously useful additional information. But only counting slots by itself might also be misleading. 2 SIMs could mean either support for 2 modems or for 1 modem with some dual SIM scheme. Don't know if this is important though. It's a bit of a theoretical problem.

An incomplete list of devices with SIM slots and some sort of OpenWrt support (needs verification!!! don't trust me. I have no first hand experience with any of these):

EDIT: I see that I forgot the whole nice GL.iNet range - sorry about that. Someone else please fill in from

Thanks for starting the list!

Re: SIM format:
Is the SIM format really needed? I mean, is SIM format an important criteria when selecting a device?

Just recently I got a SIM card for a tablet. It came as nano-SIM, in a micro-SIM, in a mini-SIM. Matroshka-like. Therefore I personally couldn't care less about the format of the SIM card.

No, this is not necessary. And thinking about it, I am not sure the format I am listing is correct. Better leave it out to ensure that we only provide relevant and correct information.

I have added SIM tags to the devices mentioned.

New tag pages have been created:

Those pages can be edited, e.g. for adding explanatory text. If you think that these pages could use a little explanation (1..3 sentences should be sufficient), feel free to do so!

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I found only 2 GL.iNet devices with SIM card slot which are listed in the ToH as supported by OpenWrt: GL-Mifi + GL-X750.

If I overlooked a device, feel free to add the 1SIM / 2SIM tag to the respective devicepage (if existing) as needed.

More devices with SIM Card slot:

  • DWR-921 - 1SIM
  • MR200 - 1SIM
  • MR6400 - 1SIM
  • wAP R - 1SIM
  • RUT955 - 2SIM

I have Unielec U7621-06 and I think it has a sim card slot.

That has already been reported further above, but thanks for your feedback.

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sorry :roll_eyes:

I have a question. Why does this device has a dedicated miniPCIe slot for LTE since it has sim card slot?
Doesn't simcard support LTE?

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