Device that can handle 1.5gbs down and 700mbs up?


I am wondering if anyone can recommend me any devices that I can use as a router. I was looking at the rPi4 but I am no longer sure if that is the best option. If anyone has any better ideas I would love to hear them. My budget is around 100 euros (maybe 150 if it’s really needed). My internet speeds are 1.5gbs down and 700 mbs up. Realistically I only need a router that has 700 mbs throughput I would guess? I am a beginner... I just want the best internet / internet latency possible. Not interested in VPNs etc... I don’t really understand what shaping or sqm is either. I can also buy a TP-Link ue300.

Thank you.

Just saw on the raspberry pi website that this devices usb 2.0 slots are only up to 300 mbs throughput?

If you want to reach 1gbit, you'll need usb3 ports.

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There are many devices that will do that, but not with OpenWrt, and not for 100 euros. I don't think the RPi4 is one of them its CPU probably isn't fast enough.

For example my WRT32X running OpenWrt (19.07.7 with kernel 5.4) with only software offloading will do ~900 Mbits/s (500Mbits+ with SQM Cake). Even a bit faster running the stock firmware which has hardware acceleration.

There are plenty of 5.0/2.5 Gbit LAN routers out now with WiFi 6 that'll do your 1.5 Gbit needs, such as the Netgear RAX120, but nothing that has OpenWrt support and they cost 250+ euros.

I saw this and was expecting a bit better would be possible for around 100 euros... What's your favorite enthusiast LEDE/OpenWrt device? - #333 by Hagbertumple
Rip I guess

The rPi4B sports a quad core Arm A72 @1.5 GHz, which actually is sufficient for traffic shaping at 1Gbps. It will not however allow 1.5 Gbps, as its built in ethernet is limited to 1Gbps. in theory it might be possible to connect two 2.5 Gbps USB3 ethernet dongles, but I am unsure whether A) any of those have Linux support and b) if any of those are actually robust an reliable.

So if I limit my download speed to 1 gbs the rpi4 would be sufficient? I wouldn’t mind even limiting it to match the 700 mbs upload speed.

Erm, a 1Gbps ethernet adapter only allows a goodput (what you measure in on-line speedtests) of ~940Mbps, so the RPI4B is close to or even at line rate... and yes, quite a lot of people have optimistic assumptions on the processing power required for decent networking or the pricepoint for a system capable of decent networking... :wink:

It’s not like my current isp router is any good. As long as I can handle at least 700 mbs up and down with qos I will be happy I guess. I also don’t understand how I would use the tplink ue300... Do I plug it into the rPI4 usb port and then connect an ethernet chord from that to my pc?

Look at your monthly cost for that internet speed. If you can afford internet that fast the presumption is that you equally would be able to afford the devices to run it (multi gig ports + adequate CPU power).

I’d either raise your budget for a device and look at a x86 system with multi gig ports if you want that internet speed, or I’d lower your ISP speed to under 940mbps and buy equipment that can support your budget (r7800, wide slew of Pi embedded systems, cheap x86 computer, etc)

fujitsu futro s920 ( or similiar)with amd gx-425 cpu and some nice dual port 10gb card ( intel x520 sfp+ or x540-t2 )do the job and be rock solid. dont waste money for kids toys like rpi4 - main router need to be rock solid.

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14 euros a month for my internet package...

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Was actually the cheapest fibre package.

I will look into this... Thank you. Btw does it matter if I am using isp modem? Or should I replace that as well.

type us model of it so we can tell if it is worth spend money for nice network gear:)

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This made my day :grinning:

I do suggest RPi4 and UE300. Plug the UE300 into the ISP equipment.

Plug the onboard nice into a switch... Voila

Use SQM to shape to 900 down 700 up and enjoy the speed and latency adventage

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The model is F-MDCON2A 0-LR

It seems to be a custom modem... I’m not too sure but I have never seen ones that looks like this. Might even be a measure to prevent using devices other than isp provided...

Thank you! If you meant for me to plug the ue300 into the modem (the only other piece of isp equipment other than router). There are no usb ports.

No plug the usb into one of the blue USB 3 ports on the pi and run an Ethernet cable between modem and UE300

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