Device that can handle 1.5gbs down and 700mbs up?

Ahhhh okay... Thank you very much. This seems to be the best idea so far :wink: . I am still looking into the fujitsu devices but they seem to not be very available.

One last question. The only difference between the various rPi4 models is the ram. Do you recommend I get the 2, 4, or 8gb version?

The 2G is more than enough and was shown to be fastest in some testing here in forum.

Also, I just realized I have no idea what a switch is...

take a photo, from what google tell us this might be simple media converter

A switch is a multi Ethernet port device that expands the number of ports you have. You probably want a gigabit web managed switch like a tplink sg108e

Thank you very much :smiley: extremely informative and helpful. I actually messaged you to ask exactly this wi5out checking your latest comment lol.