Delete lan interface?

Once I’ve set up my device as a wifi client, is it safe to delete the lan interface and still have it work as a client?
I’ll only be using it to share usb devices over ip

Deleting LAN interface is always risky.
Lots of things can go wrong with WiFi, and recovery without Lan enabled might be difficult.

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What’s your goal here? Is it power saving?

I would definitely not be trying to remove the LAN. How do you plan on configuring/reconfiguring the device if the WiFi goes down?

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Define "client" in this context?
If you want to change the device to use DHCP client instead of a static IP on the lan interface... yes, that's okay to do, but can cause headaches since the IP address (and thus access to the device) is predicated on a DHCP server elsewhere on the network.

If you delete the lan interface, how would the device have an IP address? You must have an IP address if you want to share usb devices over IP. (unless you've got another network address -- be it the wan or another network interface configured).

It depends on whether your device has a management interface (console port or ports for a monitor and a keyboard). If you have a management interface, your device is manageable and recoverable in the event of Wi-Fi failure.

More importantly, what is the benefit of disabling the LAN interface in your case?

I would configure LAN interface with static IP (or dhcp jf you have to) and delete the WAN interface/other interfaces. That way you can still use the most normal features of OpenWRT

I can access the management console and ssh over wifi, and if wifi does fail it doesn’t take too much to do a factory reset and setup again. I’m only canvassing options because for some reason I can only access the device from my iPad over wifi (ssh, ping and management console works) but not from any other computer with various OS’s. I have no idea why and I’m pulling my hair out trying to think of things to try

It used to work, and then I updated it, and it hasn’t worked properly since.

  • Had you previously used those clients for SSH?
  • Does your reconfigured device have the same IP?
  • Do you receive a key warning error?

It may help others understand if you referenced that thread:

I was gonna suggest verifying that you're successfully connected to your OpenWrt device and not some other equipment.

Not if your WiFi is configured to the LAN interface. You would immediately loose connectivity after saving/applying.

Yes, yes and no (but yes on first connect :slightly_smiling_face:)

I always use the same address for equipment that I set as static ip. This is for ease of set up of my equipment, I don’t have to try to figure out what the ip is in the paddock in the dark.

I actually had it working with my Linux box and was gleefully playing around with my camera and openastro tracker. When I’d finished, before I shut down I’d noticed that Openwrt had some updates, and so did my Linux box. I updated both before I shut down. Going back to it a day later, it would not connect, but everything was the same config so I have no idea what the issue is.

Are you saying you ran an "update" on the OpenWrt device?

That could be your issue.


I’m aware of that - now, I just used the update tab in the software page.

I’ve since done a sysupgrade reflash and reconfigured. Same issue.

  • I would advise using your orginal thread
  • I suggest providing your configs there

Otherwise, we're just guessing.

All fixed

Just had to setup wifi and point it at my network. No setup as client, ad-hoc , bridged or repeater required. That was probably my issue, making things more complex than they should be ( followed all the how-to’s and guides as well :laughing:) usbip works very well now, and can be accessed from anything on my network.

Kept the lan interface on a different subnet just in case it’s needed

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