Davidc502- wrt1200ac wrt1900acx wrt3200acm wrt32x builds


You can do it using direct gpio access.
Some leds can be controlled using /sys/devices/platform/gpio-leds (medium-level, but you can override driver settings there), and all of them can be directly controlled using /sys/class/leds.

You can read this article to understand the principle - https://medium.com/openwrt-iot/lede-openwrt-disabling-your-leds-5eaf51735ff1

LAN leds are also can be controlled trough options in /etc/config/networks, see example here - [solved] Disable LAN an WAN leds, but keeping WLAN leds

So, just create a script filling led pins with zero and run it at startup and change network config. Should be enough.


Unfortunately, after FCC squeeze driver's developers, you can only set the country supported in mtd, and can't change it. Using 00 as a country made a lot of mess in wireless, so better avoid it. Check you mtd, then use one of the countries supported. Or just try US - they have 30 at 2.4


@boktai1000 See posts 438 and 440 in this topic. Quoting myself:

I can,t speak for David, but his builds are from the trunk so they are ahead of the official builds. New builds are released when new commits are made that would result with a benefit for the effort a new build.
Quoting David:

Yes, this is generally the case, + the additional tweaks, latest wifi drivers, etc...


Gotcha! Appreciate the response, and apologies for a bit of a duplicate question. New to the forums here, and the search / scroll of the forums throws me for a bit of a loop.

Have a good one!


Thanks, will give it a try.


Hi David,

did the thermal logging in stats/graph displays get fixed in the latest build? I remember they were broken in the previous one.


It not broken, it's just absent in default config. Latest release too.
Just install collectd-mod-sensors and enjoy.


so I installed it and I still don't have graphs (at all.. I don't even have the system load graphs)

I'm running the previous build, not the present one.


Question.. I have a WRT1900ACv1 that just died. RIP she was a great router! Anyway, I want to replace it with a WRT1900ACS. After flashing the proper image, can I simply restore my settings and be back in business or do I need to re-configure everything from scratch?

If I need to re-configured everything, might it be better to go for the 3200ACM? I want to stick with David's builds...



I did a full vanilla install of the latest build and after adding the collectd-mod-sensors everything is back to normal.

when are you going to include this and the dnscrypt-proxy2 config to the default install? upgrading firmware has now become a multi-step process in order to get everything working.


They’re different cpu’s And network/wireless configs. Restoring would be asking for trouble in my opinion.

If it was a 1900ac v2 you might have got away with it.


Turns out... my router totally reset sometime over night and lost it's mind.. No idea why. I re-flashed and restored my settings and it's all good now!



Did you enable this plugins in Statistics-Setup-General plugins? Did you have a tab with this name?


I update from ACv1 to 3200 this way.... And got some issues.

First, check wifi adapter paths - it can different between models.
Second, this guys put some hardware config files into backup (crazy, but it is) - so, most probably, you can't update firmware anymore, until you put right fw_env.config into /etc (for example)

So yes, you can restore backup, but there are some dragons living here. Do it after hardware config files backup and then you know, what you doing.


yes and no.

I think it's something to do with the theme, once I got the graphs working, I left it alone and then the next time I checked, they had disappeared again. After I rebooted the router they came back again.

I also have issues with the way dynamic text on the page is displayed, sometimes it appears underneath the sidebar and I have to resize the screen in order to be able to read what it says.


Did we ever find out what packages / versions of packages could potentially affect OpenWrt with DNS Flag Day, and if they've since been resolved? Something I've been thinking about in the background, but don't personally know enough about OpenWrt under the hood to understand how this may affect someone with just a default installation.


unbound (but resolved in 1.9.0); do people still use bind?


You might want to consider the WRT32X. Same internals as the WRT3200ACM and is only about $110 'renewed' on Amazon. That's how I bought mine.

By the way Linksys has just been terrible lately, I don't know what happened to that company but they completely stopped supporting their routers, there hasn't been an OEM firmware update in over a year for any of their routers. Mwlwifi project has almost no support anymore either. Sure glad we have OpenWrt though.


I was reading up on mwlwifi lately and saw this thread https://github.com/kaloz/mwlwifi/issues/344

I wonder if this has thrown a wrench into things. Unsure myself, but others commenting on it have made me wonder what is going on.


So I'm trying to update with .bin file from kernel 4.14.82 and every time I try the hash is right on the download but when I go into flash the hash does not match. so it will not update?? Not sure why this is happening. I'm using Shelby. It has worked before but ever since the 4.14.82 kernel I have not been able to update.