How to print something on this Discourse Forum?


It's very difficult or impossible to print a thread or something coming from this forum.

Each time "You’ve performed this action too many times, please try again later."

This action has been performed only one time.
Is there any "Ctrl-P" attack over the web ?

I need to use tor to print ?!?!?




Many thanks for your answer.

Ctrl-Shift+P does not work too.
Clearing cookie .. nope.
Other browser ... nope !

Your IP seems to be "blacklisted" on the server !


Ctrl + P works for me


look under MENU -> Keyboard shortcuts for all the options.


Yes Ctrl-P is working for me too.
This is not a shortcut problem.

But it is about 1 page every 10-15 minutes.
If I try to print 2 page .... " You’ve performed this action too many times, please try again later. "

It is the first time I see this about printing function !


I just printed this page (as PDF) from Google Chrome on Windows using the browser menu with no issues.

Are you able to print form other websites?


Yes without troubles.
I tried with three computers (Ubuntu, Fedora, ...) but only *nix.

Try to print a thread with > 1000 answers.

1- On this thread Press Ctrl-P
2- Then print the first page and go to the bottom of page
3- Click on next Page

Sometimes I get the page number 2 but in this case I have the message when I'm trying to reach the page 3

Most of the time I have the message directly when I try to get the page 2

Now you can say me ... why printing (as pdf) thread with > 1000 answers ?
I have another old device and today many information about it have disappeared or very hard to find.
So with new device I try to keep information for a few times :slight_smile:

I forgot to say that I have tested before registering this forum.
Maybe this restriction is applying to guest.
I did not make a new test after.

Many thanks for your help.


Are you saying that you are printing each page separately?

If yes, why that? I just printed a topic with >1500 replies, 159 pages in one go.

Did you try another browser?


No ... No ... No :slight_smile:
Maybe I have a lot of time today ... I'm not Marcellus Wallace (Pulp Fiction) :smile:

Sorry English is not my primary language so I apologize for the mistakes.

It seems that using Ctrl-P , thread are divided by ~1000 answers on each page.
When thread have over 1500 answers this is devided on 2 or 3 pages.

I tested with 3 different computer (Debian 9.6, Ubuntu, Fedora).
All have FireFox.

I tested with TorBrowser (Firefox) and it is working with it. How ?
When I have the message " You’ve performed this action too many times, please try again later. " ... then all I do is "New Tor Circuit" so I get a new output IP address and then no more message until next one.

So this come from the server which restrict printing (maybe only guest)


That's not what I have observed: >1500 replies on 159 pages.
I never get any message like " You’ve performed this action too many times".
FF65 on Windows here.


I have 4 pdf of 85 pages from 1 to 1000 , then 1001 to 2000, ...
I don't know.

I was not registered on the forum when I tried to print threads.
I will try to retest printing logged with my account.

Maybe it's a restriction for unregistered readers.


Not confirmed.
I just printed the same topic from my posting above without logging in, this time with Chrome 71.0.3578.98

Result: >1500 replies on 227 pages, printed in one go.



Are you sure you have printed the thread with >1500 replies with all replies ? from the first to the latest one ?

First time I did not see the "next page >" at the bottom of the page and did not have all the thread.

Could you share the thread you are using ?


Test-topic: Davidc502- wrt1200ac wrt1900acx wrt3200acm wrt32x builds


Just noticed: Print goes up to #1006, then "next page".

My bad :frowning:

I just noticed: There is in fact a setting in Discourse "max prints per hour per user".
I raised this now from 5 (=default) to 10 prints / hour.


Out of curiosity, why would you want to save all pages in a form of PDF?

I appreciate what you say about the possibility of needing to look for something in the future, but how easy would it be to search in thousands of PDF pages, in too many files? Plus the forum isn't and isn't intended to be a complete guide to read in a certain order, but rather a collection of posts about users questions and problems, some of which are hardware dependent and will be irrelevant for you.

If I were you I would just bookmark the pages I am interested in.

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About OpenWRT, I have an old device, a Netgear WG302 v1, yes old ... 2005/2011 (I don't remember when I bought it but between 14 and 8 years old) ... but working and quite good for my use. I have already lent to help friends so sometimes I need to reset it and perform all what I have done so many years ago.

Many tips, help, links and forum post have disappeared or have been migrated or I just don't know where to find them today so I have lost so many times to search over the web sometimes for nothing.

I have today again old hardware working on my network (I think the oldest are 2x Nokia IP330 K6-2 400 MHz) but with as example a NetBSD 8 it is quite perfect to have an NTP or with OpenWRT you can get too some really good things. Even an MPD on these "grand father" to stream flac works like a charm (5x eth).

I try to keep a sort of "Hardware knowledge" base of the hardware I have. You can't imagine the time spent to find some information already found a few years ago. Now I know I have it ... but you are right sometimes it is just somewhere on the storage :slight_smile:

Today I have a Netgear r7800 and when I find useful information (because there are so many useful information here) I try to "engrave it in marble" (french expression translated to english).

moreover I am not so young and sometimes the memory abandons me! :wink:

Sorry for this long explanation.


No problem.
Thanks for the tips.
So there is a limitation per user and per hour.

I don't understand why but now I know why.

Again, thank you all for your help.


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