Custom package files timestamp in IPK

I'm beginning to develop custom package in OpenWrt 21.02 SDK. How can I set buildtime timestamp to built files in resulting IPK.

seems this would render a non-reproducible build.

I want it just for this custom package, not for whole build.

Not sure if this works with SDK, but it works with the full toolchain for the image itself (and the files in the image)

See SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH shell variable and file.

Hello again.
I found solution for SDK. This change does not affect any other stuff but custom packages added directly to package directory ( not by feed script ).

  1. Add following line to your package Makefile:
    IPK_FILES_TIMESTAMP:=$(shell date +%s)
    If you want to set constant timestamp:

  2. Replace in file /include/ the line:

PKG_SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH:=$(if $(DUMP),,$(shell $(TOPDIR)/scripts/ $(CURDIR)))


  PKG_SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH:=$(if $(DUMP),,$(shell $(TOPDIR)/scripts/ $(CURDIR)))

Thats's it.

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