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Hi, I need a bit of assistance with the Wiki.

I looked on the contact page for it; it suggested contacting someone here on the forum (T.M.), but that person doesn't seem to be active on the forum anymore.

Who should I address my request to?



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What kind of assistance do you need? If you need help with using the Wiki, this would be the right place to ask - many forum members also contribute to the Wiki. If you need an account, check this page.

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Thank you! The wiki account I set up a couple of weeks ago via the IIRC chat method.

The help I need is to remove a redundant Wiki page that I created.

I was working on creating a wiki page for the recently supported Sinovoip Banana Pi R2 Pro (as of snapshot of 5 May, 2024).

In the process, I accidentally created two pages, as follows:

I need one of them deleted please; I'm indifferent about which one is retained.

(note: I was following directions; I found two divergent sets of instructions).


Since the device is now supported, the /toh page would be kept and the /inbox page would be deleted.

Thank you!

Check this, if you haven't yet:

The first step would have been to create a dataentry page and enter all the data.
The wiki page relies heavily on those values.

Since there is no real content in both of those wiki pages, maybe it would be worth it to delete both and restart the process of adding the device to the ToH.

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Which directions did you follow? Maybe they need to be fixed. The link @dnd posted contains the instructions I usually follow, and they are up to date.

You should be able to delete them yourself. IMHO this isn't self-explaining in DokuWiki: Edit the page, remove all content and save the empty page - this deletes it (but preserves history, if I'm not mistaken).

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Here's directions #1:

Number #2:

Thank you!

I will go about deleting both pages I created yesterday and then start over using:



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That's the Sinvoip overview page, I cannot see any directions there?

And that's the correct one to add a new device page. Please make sure to also create the dataentry page as already mentioned.

The directions on the Sinovoip overview page are on the 'click here to edit' pencil icon on the upper right corner of the page. That is where I landed first.

I'm currently working on both the date entry and new device pages.


This page:

That's where you edit the Sinovoip overview page (something you really shouldn't do, unless you know how the pagequery syntax works). There are no instructions apart from the generic DokuWiki instructions how to edit pages in general.

Now that I opened it: There's something wrong anyway, it refers to D-Link?

Yes; somehow from there I got to a place to create a new page.

And I agree, I definitely didn't want to muck with that Sinovoip overview page!

Maybe the way to prevent well-meaning goofs like mine might be to put on the overview pages a link or links to the right place to add board documentation?