Creating a Virtual LEDE Router in the Cloud

I'm interested in creating a virtual LEDE router on a service like The primary purpose would be to run an OpenVPN server on it, and connect to it using a router-based OpenVPN client that's on a private cellular network (no public IP). That would give me a public IP, through which I could port forward to my otherwise inaccessible primary router through the VPN.

Does anyone have any experience with doing this? I believe all I need to do is create a bootable x86 ISO of LEDE and upload it to I haven't been able to find any similar projects or relevant links in the Google-sphere.

I already done on digitalocean some time ago and in vmware:

See my notes here:
Download DamnSmallLinux from here: # dsl-4.4.10.iso

Minimum requirements:
RAM: 32mb, HardDisk: 52mb (for OpenWRT, for LEDE try to use much more)
Linux Kernel: 2.6.x ó 3.x 32bits
Disk type: IDE, Ethernet E1000
More about this on: