Correction: Missing ip6tables-nft package in Tailscale documentation

I've discovered that the lack of the ip6tables command causes Tailscale to not bind it's internal IPv6 address.
Error log from tailscaled:

router: disabling tunneled IPv6 due to system IPv6 config: exec: "ip6tables": executable file not found in $PATH

As the wiki only instructs to install iptables-nft and not installing ip6tables-nft alongside it.
This is a very minor change but would fix Tailscale binding it's v6 address.

Section in question :

Adding the ip6tables-nft package in the install instructions along side with iptables-nft could save others the hour of debugging I just did.

Let me know if this is by chance incorrect, but it did solve the issue of the IPv6 internal address not binding to tailscale0 on my side.

How did you check tailscale0 logs?