Correction for "Rescue from failed firmware upgrade" page


tl;dr: Point 5 on this entry should be appended by a point 5. c.

c. (newer TP-Link devices except for EAP245v3/EAP265HDv1)

I just un-bricked my EAP615-wall v1 and want to suggest an amendment to the wiki:
The fallback-IP of the rescue partition on my EAP615-wall v1 (and likely most other TP-Link devices except for EAP245v3/EAP265HDv1) is instead of as the official documentation says. It appears to be vice-versa from what TP-Link describes for their web interface (meaning that EAP245v3/EAP265HDv1 devices will likely use They got it right the first time they mention IPs but mess up at the part where one has to connect to the web interface. Their screenshot from an EAP245v3 directly contradicts the description. This isn't an impossible riddle to solve, but documentation shouldn't be one at all (judging by the SUPERB documentation I have encountered so far, the OpenWRT community agrees).

The points above 5. c should be adjusted accordingly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this; I hope it helps others!

Welcome to the community!