Constant high and low speed peaks with torrents

I've installed OpenWRT on a x64 hardware. I tuned the system as I want and i get A+ in DSLReports speed test, and I haven't got any problem with direct downloads.

But the problem is torrenting isn't working well, and only happens with OpenWRT. This is an example of the speed fluctuation:

Tested with 2 diferent computers and the same problem appears.

I've tried to unable SQM and it does the same problem.


Are you connected via a cable or WiFi?

Cable, always.

Do you see anything in the kernel logs or system logs on the router? And what is your CPU usage like on the router while running these torrents?

Hello everyone,
For a few days I've checked system and kernel logs. The system was renewing the ISP public address when torrenting, a very strange thing.
So I've updated all the system and then changed to google DNS, since then 0 problems with downloads.

Thanks for your help.

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