Connection Time for Associated Stations

I think it's a good idea to add "Uptime" column of associated stations in luci.
Or maybe there is a luci package for that already?

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  • Can you show an screenshot/example from another device/firmware?
  • Can you show an example from a [desktop] OS?

(Hoping this exists in code somewhere already.)

OS: Cisco Mobility Express


Is that the time since DHCP lease, or does it mean something different ?

The Uptime column is the time of each device connected to listed wifi.
It has nothing to do with DHCP lease.

If I reboot all Cisco AP, all the devices connected will have the same Uptime once connecting again, but in the DHCP server will have different leases times. Of course, later if one device is shutdown/reboot will have a new Uptime.

I would also like this.

this is from Router OS on a Mikrotik hap ax2, and has nothing to do with DHCP. One of the devices in that list isn't even being given an ip address..
this is from RouterOS wifi registration

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Can be done, using quite some scripting, because all info available, in general. However, I have to add here, when using RoS on Mikrotiks, you have to pay for it. Also for the requested, mentioned functionality, which is more or less for commercial usage. Asking, to get it for free here, as open source (which RoS is NOT; one of the reasons, I abondoned it) is a bit unfair. So, I suggest to offer some incentive, or bounty, for somebody to implement it for the community.

Exist even on the low-cost Xiaomi routers.
With all the respect, It's not a premium feature..

Even low-cost Xiaomi routers are not for free. How much to pay for openwrt ?
Do you assume, Xiaomi integrated this feature for free, not even charging 1ct out of every units price for it ?

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Yea we all know openwrt is free and xiaomi isn't .
We are not demanding this feature, we are asking if it possible to add.

Via SSH, have a look at the statistics you can see via iw dev wlan0 station dump (change wlan0 to suit), and see if one of those would suit, and how they change (with client disconnect / AP wifi down / AP restart). There is a connected time:
Also have a look at iwinfo wlan0 assoclist:
It looks like there is a luci module that calls iwinfo, so you might be able to extend iwinfo and that module:

Oh, you mean the date and time of association.

I orginally thought you meant something else.

The logs show when this occurs, so it's definitely possible as you stated.

Yes , associated time