Have any packages or tools can monitor and report wi-fi status as dashbord/graphic in RPi 4

Hi, everyone :
I try to build wi-fi monitor system in my testing lab.
My hardware is RPi 4 Model B Rev 1.4 and Firmware Version is OpenWrt 21.02.3 r16554-1d4dea6d4f / LuCI openwrt-21.02 branch git-22.213.35964-87836ca.
And know how to config wilress interface to monitor mode and know some packages like as kismet ,Aircrack-ng, horst can monitor wi-fi , but they are only can get my want data via CLI( Command-Line Interface)
I would like build up the wi-fi monitor system , and can get same information (include client devics IP, connected AP Name,Protocol, Host Name, Connection Speed, SNR, Signal Strength, Usage, SSID, Uptime..etc) in OpenWrt as below snapshot capture from Cisco Aironet 2802 AP

Do anyone know any packeage or utility and show above informations via summay table or dashboard or graphic in LuCI webpage? Let people can clear to know wi-fi congestion degree/status at a glance.
Please kindly help me and forgive my bad english.

The Associated Stations section on the main page? :person_shrugging:

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Thanks for @lleachii 's kindly reply.
As below snapshut is I capture from LuCI webpage

In Associated Stations setion only will show client list when wi-fi(wlan1) mode is Acess Point mode
I would like show nearby clients and APs informations (include client devics IP, connected AP Name,Protocol, Host Name, Connection Speed, SNR, Signal Strength, Usage, SSID, Uptime..etc) when wlan0 is Monitor/Sniffer mode.

OpenWrt is [usually] an AP, so I don't understand.

Do you mean the Scan Feature?

That's on the Wireless page.

(Information on this is in the Wiki.)

Hi, @lleachii
My mention is not Scan Featur in radio 0 (wlan1) with Master mode
I would like to sniffer any neighbourhood wireless device (mobile phone, note book...etc) in radio 1(wlan 0) with Monitor mode

Excuse me , can any seniors can give me some help or suggestion?

Hi @wurenjer

I'm not a pro/expert OpenWRT user, but I've been using OpenWRT for a long time (7 years more or less) and I also know Cisco AP's + Cisco Controllers (Mobility Express...), the short answer will be, there is nothing similar to Cisco Controllers info page in OpenWRT (as far as I know).

Hi , @Klingon
I understand your mention , so I would like to know/learn have any method/package to arrive my purpose.
Event I plug in Netgear A6210 and config it as Monitor mode
Only have one Local Interface in Channel Analysis page of Status tab

And don't have any data in Realtime Graphs page of Status tab

I also intall Collectd package , and don't have any data in Graphs page of Statistics tab

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Please have anyone can help me!!!

Odd, somene jist asked this:

I think it just so happens that he use the same AP as mine, and I think we have different(or similar) problems.

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I have been able to use Collectd successfully with Master Snapshot. Not sure, if your setup/config misses something or if there were some problems in v21.02 branch.

  • Checkout the Collectd OpenWrt documentation
  • Install the collectd, collectd-mod-rrdtool and luci-app-statistics packages
  • Install necessary collectd plugins (search for collectd under system > software > ... and you will see many other packages).
  • Go to Statistics > Setup > Network Plugins > ... ; Enable the plugins you need. In particular wireless and ping. Configure, if necessary.
  • Try setting a refresh rate and apply interval.

@ThiloteE ,thanks for your support.
I already install your mention packages and configure it.
Sorry for ask one question:
Do u help me check your Wi-Fi mode within your phy1-ap0 and phy1-sta0
Go to Network > Wilreless >Edit button of your phy1-ap0 and phy1-sta0 > General Setup > Mode

I personally run my device in Wi-Fi extender / repeater / bridge configuration mode via relayd. I do not run them in monitor mode. I have one "client" mode connection towards my main router and multiple "Master" wifi connections in "accesspoint" mode.

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