Connect two local networks


i have two local networks, each has it own internet connection. Now i want to connect both networks, so I could access devices from both networks. Otherwise, i want to keep both networks separated, like I don't want to switch off DHCP. Everyone who connects to network one, should use the internet connection of network one.
Is it possible to set openwrt this way? I have an Mi Router AC2100 with OpenWRT, which I could use. I have read about mwan3, but not sure if that is what i am looking for.

As I understand you don't want them to use each others internet connection but it's own. So on openwrt you would just configure a route to the two LAN's and then allow traffic between the two.

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Yeah, that's right. Everyone should you their own internet. In general i just want a few local devices being able to be accessed on both networks.

I'm assuming these two networks are physically close enough to make a direct wired or wireless connection between them. Here is the same question of sharing between two adjacent apartments:


Yes, it is one house, with two apartments. There is a direct wired connection.
Thanks for link, i will have look at it.