CISCO Meraki MR16 - error flashing new image

Hi all!

I'm discussing an issue with MR16 in other thread.

I was adviced to flash new version but I get an error:

Is that possible to flash this version?

Looks like similar thread already exists but with no answers.
If I'm right Admin please delete my thread.

Have you checked the MR16 device page in the wiki as stated in the error message?

Hi there,

I am the developer who ported the Meraki MR16 to the ath79 platform; this is my message.

I changed the partitions on the MR16 because on the ar71xx platform, the MAC address was being overwritten.

We use the MR16 in practice very frequently at

You need to either follow the trick on the device page to move the partitions at the same time as you perform the sysupgrade process, or you need to open it up and reflash the device over the serial console. Let me know if you need help with doing the latter.