Cisco EA3500 acting as internet

I have the subject Router and I am trying to use OpenWrt 19.0.7 on it so that it may act as a wireless repeater for my beloved RT-AC68P Router which is running Merlin Asuswrt.

I am not attempting to run it as a wired extender but rather as a wireless repeater.

I have watched plenty of youtube videos on the topic but the closest that I can get with configuration is to have the broadcast of my new Network but no internet access.

Any idea if there are some common settings which might be off causing no internet access whereas I can access internet fine on the ASUS I am trying to repeat.

I have been making changes with LUCI. This is a trash router, but I wanted to try and breathe some life into it regardless.


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Does this article helps you acheive what you are after?

EDIT: Effectively this link assume wired connection. Some configurations details might be of interest tought.

Thanks but these intstructions are for if I were in a situation where I wanted to connect the routers together physically. The router acting as an extender will be in another part of the house where it is not practical to run a patch cable between the 2 of them.

However, I did try the instructions provided (which were to the point but not precise at the same time) to no avail.

you may want to try this:
a wireless bridge using WDS would be better but this only works between routers running both OpenWrt.

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Also this thread talks about wireless bridge:

Thanks, I never was able to get this done without running the router as a bridge using a powerline adapter. The EA3500 router is not that great but this worked in concept.

Thank you.