Checksum Must Be Recalculated By Using mktplinkfw tool

First of all i am new in this forum and need help.

I have an access point which is called TL-WA701ND. I updated its firmware and now it doesn't allow me install another firmwares and updates. It gives error 18005 because it has firmware 3.16.9. I know what is the problem but i don't know using related programs to fix this :frowning:

Error and Fix:

A firmware must have this string at address 0x120 in order to be flashed: "00000000;45550000;"
Checksum must be recalculated using mktplinkfw tool in the image builder after editing.

  1. My modem's lastest firmware version:
    htt ps:// (delete space to visit link)

Please look at the screenshot. There is a 00000000;45550000; string at 00000120
So if i want to install another firmware, in that firmware there must be that string :frowning:

Previous version screenshot:

  1. My modem's previous firmware version:
    htt ps:// (delete space to visit link)

Please look Screenshot. There is no 00000000;45550000; string at 00000120 so i cant install this firmware. Because of this.

Previous version screenshot:

Can someone help me?
At second file that string must add and Checksum must be recalculated using mktplinkfw tool.
I don't know to use mktplinkfw tool and also i haven't got that tool.

If someone can prepare previous version for me, i will be so happy.
After previous version i can install other lede firmwares to my router so i must solve this problem first

Thank you all who reads this topic.

download this路由固件头修改工具.exe

Thanks for reply.
appreciate you.

This program is in chinese so all characters look in ???????????????????? format.

What should I do.
Should i install that languege to Windows?

I think first i might add that strings (00000000;45550000;) from a hex editor.

Can you give more information? Also about program.

Maybe a list to do :slight_smile:


yes add string with hexeditor, then recalculate md5 using that tool. there might be an english version. or just learn chinese:

I tried this method.
First i edited hex than i recalculeted previous version with this editor but router didn't accept :stuck_out_tongue:

After a while i downloaded openwrt file of my router and add that string and recalculated this tool. Router accepted openwrt but i can not access router or 0.1 or other ips :smiley:

Lights are on reset button working but i can not enter login page.

I think there is a problem.

I bought a serial converter and i will solve this problem with it. I hope i will solve all problem.

do you ping work router