Cheap powerful router

Any ideas for a relatively cheap router yet powerful enough for real time image analysis?


Define relatively cheap. There is a limit, so name it.

50 USD

you can clock QCA9531 to 800MHz

You mean like a webcam? The best devices you're going to get is MT7621 (barely if you're lucky), the TP-Link TL-WR1043ND is probably as powerful as it gets, it's by no means a powerhouse but for the money it's a good device.
The Edgerouter X should be around that price.

Thanks for your response. Actually, i want to create a router that will
filter all internet activity for nudity. I will be applying real time image
analysis to all images. Probably with opencv. I think it should be rather
heavy on the cpu.

I lack a way to quantify my estimated cpu usage. Are there methodologies
to estimate required cpu capacities?

I think it's impossible to a router CPU (even the multicore powerfull ones!) to do RT image processing. Not to mention the amount of memory consumption for that process, far above the router standard supplied RAM.

You can get a quad-core or maybe even an octo-core CPU linux/lede capable TV box for about $50 with 2GB RAM and separate GPU. I don't know if it would be up to the sort of processing you are talking about, but would be much more powerful than a router

Could you point out this kind of device?

I dont think any device for 50 $ will be able to do some real time image
analysis, only if your bandwidth is about 56 kbit/s

Maybe you should think about url filtering/blocking. This doesn't need so much cpu power.


There are a bunch of linux/LEDE capable TV boxes here:

The open source driver for the Mali GPU's wasn't quite ready for prime time the last I checked, but they make great little servers

this is a bad idea and will explode in your face.
there are enough snakeoil vendors (norton,mcaffe...) selling this kind of bs
dont waste your time

If this were running on a router, wouldn't it also have to decrypt the packages on the fly?

I used the word nudity quite loosly. The internet is full of images of "cladly" dressed people. Regular websites try to entice you by putting up pictures of half dressed women. Its an old marketing technique. They know the men cant stop staring.

Based on key words and urls I won't get this level of filtering.


Routers aren't made for image processing!!! The whole approach is wrong and a waste of time. Maybe you should listen to fullers post, get some software from norton etc. which runs on the client and not on the router or live with the nudity.


I explained why fullers post won't work for me. I understand the
constraints of routers, thats exactly why i wanted to see what the
community could come up with.
The reason why I wish to implement the filter on a router as apposed to the
client is because the clients vary, its simpler(in a sense) just to do it
on the router level.


you could go with a dns-level blocking.
either curate a list youself,
or sell your soul to something like

another idea, setup a proxy server on a pc or minipc and do your filter stuff on this machine

...and could use GPU computing for on-the-fly image analysis on a few GPU units. And how to filter commersials in TV or on boards on road/buildings/whatever. :confounded:

Wait, it's insane. :scream: Let's back to DNS filtering. It's really enough. :smile: