Change the color of LUCI

Is there a way to change the color scheme of LUCI? I simply want to change the color of the black banner that crosses the top of the screen. I have 4 different pieces of hardware and I find that sometimes when I'm comparing settings, I inadvertently change settings on the wrong device. Changing the color a bit would help.

Based on one minutes search with a browser code inspector (and knowing the Luci code structure), the place is here:

In a live router: /www/luci-static/bootstrap/cascade.css

Looks like the default theme Bootstrap calls the black bar as style "header .fill".
You need to change hex RGB color there for the gradients.
The right line to edit may depend on the browser. For my Firefox 54 the right line was 808:
background-image: linear-gradient

Look at my gradient:
background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom, #DD0000, #222222);


That did it! Thanks @hnyman

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