LuCI: Insert logo

@hnyman Thanks a lot !
I'm looking for insert a logo instead of text (here LEDE in your example)
Any idea ?

No specific idea, but you would likely need to replace the code that inserts the router name there with code that places an image there.

You might look for hints in the new theme-openwrt-2020, which inserts also the logo there.
See the PR with screenshots:

Likely place in CSS:;a=blob;f=themes/luci-theme-openwrt-2020/htdocs/luci-static/openwrt2020/cascade.css;h=b6a042a5b8a1426b4300168eecb1c256e55d03af;hb=HEAD#l60


WoooW, thanks very much @hnyman for your prompt answer!
I'm going to have a look!

I've tried that, it seems to work.
Change the favicon.png file in /www/luci-static/bootstrap

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