Change MAC adress

So i have a My net n750 router that i want to change the mac address of the wifi receiver, so i want it to look like a fake mac address on my isp router. When i type "ifconfig" i only get:


I would like the mac address to change to a fake one automatically on boot.

Any help is appreciated, Thank You

There's an option to change the MAC address on the interface settings under the network menu

Which one do i edit?


under etc/config/wireless, add

option macaddr 'xxxxxxx'

etc/config/wireless, : Not found

That's all im getting

you need go in the router with scp and add that line with the address.
or if you cannot use scp
opkg update
opkg install openssh-sftp-server
and just use sftp

I don't know what scp is?
I have no internet as i don't want to give it away. You mean ssh?

how can you replay here if you have no internet?

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I'm using a laptop, but am on my main for questions, and research

I could tether wifi, to see if that works

give me a sec

ok don't warry about
please ssh into the router and post the output of
uci show wireless

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Ok before i could do this, now i cant even connect to wifi correctly. I just need to connect to wifi, change my mac so it looks like someone else is on, then do what i need to do

when you play with openwrt router make sure to use an ethernet cable, and after all is the right way, you can use and make changes via wifi

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uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[0].macaddr='xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx'
uci commit wireless

add the right macaddress xxxxxxx
please edit your info, the psk is clear

Ok that wifi iface was my phone, my bad. Here: is the correct output

delete that network, delete that wwan, do a new scan, and do the same command i posted

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Do i delete the lan too?

just delete your phone network, from web interface, and do a new scan

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Ok time out is over, sorry for not replying sooner i had stuff i needed to do. I would like to make it work every boot up as well. Could you run it back for me?