Change MAC adress

Is there any simple guide to changing your MAC with Luci or does it have to be SCP?


(It should also be noted that the other thread also has a solution the OP does not accept, even when given screenshot proof from another N750.)

SCP is never shown (SSH is), but yes, you can edit the /etc/config/wireless file and copy it too.

@Gtecharea1, out of courtesy, in the future, maybe you should let others know you have two threads open for the same issue.

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I tried changed my MAC using that method and it ended up disabling my wireless radios.

  • What's posted there does not disable radios
  • Because of that, your response is not quite clear
  • You fail to show any configs
  • Nor did you note that when you revived the thread

It seems that perhaps seeing the config, knowing the device, etc. would be helpful...instead of simply imagining/asking about another method being hidden from others in the community.

With that said, there is a second method when WiFi is not bridged to a VLAN; but since we cannot see your /etc/config/network and /etc/config/wireless - it would be difficult to guess or assume you have a standalone Wireless SSID.

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