Can't use mjpg-streamer with latest version of OpenWrt 21.02!


I just upgraded my router which is ZyXEL NBG6617 to latest version 21.02. All settings done and everything works fine except mjpg-streamer! In the previous version of OpenWrt 19.07.8, mjpg-streamer was working just fine...

I installed kmod-video-uvc | mjpg-streamer | luci-app-mjpg-streamer and trying to connect via web localhost:8080 but there's nothing!


Is it running? If not, start it manually. If it won't start, see log for any relevant errors.

When I click to "Enable" and save it should be start automatically.

May be mjpg-streamer needs to get an update?

  • logs
  • config

what hardware does it depend on?

It was working perfectly on 19.07.7 and 19.07.08 with same hardware and same configuration anyway.

Hello @Zrox,

If you want to get help, then you should describe it as much as you can. From your details, I understand only: "Help me, somebody broke my toy!".You didn't say anything useful.

As others said, you need to provide logs, how you have it configured, etc. It is not useful to say and repeat, it was working before. Between 19.07 and 21.02, there are 2 years of development.

Provide steps to be able to reproduce your issue.

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Hi Zrox,
I have same problem, i'm using TP-Link Archer C7 V5

and you expect to get support from the community with that kind of attitude ?

but, if you're not using ssh tunnel, how can localhost:8080 work, you're not accessing the camera from within the router, are you ?

don't let the door hit you in the back, on your way out ....

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In previous version mjpg-streamer was working seamlessly right?

Btw, his attitude was quite disturbing at the first. ...broke my toy bla bla bla.

How can I use an SSH tunnel?

No it wasn't, I'd have said the same, but in other words.

Provide more details than "it doesn't work", there's not enough information in the statement,
to be able to provide (useful) support/help.

If you go to the doctor, do you just say "I'm sick, fix me!", lean back, and let him play 1000 questions ?

if you haven't used it in the past, then you shouldn't need it now, but then explain how https://locahost:8080 access worked previously, if the camera was attached to the Zyxel ?

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It was http:// not https:// I edited it. Sorry. It was just working I don't know. I'm not doing anything special from what I did before. If I knew any more detail about this I would say.

Your information isn't helping. A lot more is needed. Here's some suggestions. If you installed OpenWRT, you should have known at least some of them already. Most of them apply to any Linux system, and even Windows services aren't that different.

  1. Enable a service means auto-start on boot. It doesn't start it immediately, AFAIK. If you want it to start right now, without reboot, press start.
  2. Does that service actually start when you try to start it? Does it keep running or crashes immediately?
  3. If it starts, what port does it listen on?
  4. Does the service start in console? (I mean starting it from /etc/init.d/) What does it say?
  5. Does the mjpg_stream start manually from the console? Any errors?
  6. There's the system log. We need it. Also post the lines that appear when you try to start the service, if any.
  7. Is the camera detected by the kernel?
  8. Is the camera available in /dev ?
  9. Is the camera device accessible by the service?

PS: Please ignore this. I missed the "localhost" problem. :blush:


localhost is the computer you're using, not a remote device.
For remote camera access to work with localhost:8080, there has to be some
kind of redirection going on, on the computer.

Until you can figure out how this redirect is done, you can't, with 100% certainty,
claim it being an openwrt issue....

No, you didn't understand me. is main modem gateway IP. ZyXEL's IP which is operating an AP.
Computer gets

I'm telling you with the same config and settings, I could get live images from the webcam.

nothing of what you just wrote contradicts my previous post.

Ok. I'm new at this but I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. It could be an OpenWrt issue or just a package issue. May be mjpg-streamer needs an update to fix this.

or it could be a redirect issue on your computer, again, 1000 questions / guesses.

Please, everyone, calm down. No need for name calling.

So what happens if you try to open ?

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Nothing, there's no connection.