Can't see newly translated luci-base package

I just finished translating luci-base and luci-firewall packages to Arabic language and I am trying to test the translation before I push it to github. After compiling the packages and installing them manually (opkg install...) in my openwrt VM (virtualbox), I cannot see the newly installed language in the system->language and style drop-down menu of luci GUI.
This is how I created the packages:

  1. I translated in :

  2. executed:
    ./scripts/feeds update -a; ./scripts/feeds install -a

    make menuconfig and choose the packages.

I can see the newly installed packages in Software-->Installed packages
I tried: rm -rf /tmp/luci-* but no progress...
Any advice or help is appreciated.
Thank you.

First question is that which version of OpenWrt you are using.
The translations done in weblate go into the development master, not into the old stable 19.07 or new stable 21.02. Translations are backported to them 1-2 times per month.

The second thing is that there is some delay from weblate to the actual feed repository. Weblate translations are merged every 2-3 days. I have just merged the newest stuff from weblate, so master should now have all translations from weblate.

Thank you for your feedback. I see what mean.
I am using openwrt 18.06.8. Will the package be available for this version after Weblate translations are merged?
Another question: how to test locally the translation ? is my approach to use a VM wrong?

18.06 is a deprecated unmaintained ancient version. Nothing will be backported there.

You can build the (master branch) firmware and include the translations, or you can use opkg to install the translations for each luci package. (Buildbot builds all luci packages, including translations, so using them is possible. It may take 2-3 days before translations are available for each target architecture)

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Hi Hnyman,
I have opened a ticket related to the same issue : Some issues with package luci-i18n-base-ar. Will you be able to have a look at it?
Thanks and regards